2018 EPCOT Flower and Garden Review

I recently took a quick trip down to Disney World where I was able to check out the EPCOT Flower and Garden festival. Since it is in its last week lets share some of the top sights and tastes it had to offer. Use this review as a way to reminiscent on this year’s event or to get a glimpse at the festival if you have thoughts of planning in the future.

The Flowers

Obviously the main draw of the festival are the flowers themselves. It’s in the name after all. Disney horticulture takes an already beautiful park in EPCOT and transforms it into something spectacular and full of color. The flowers planted throughout bring a brightness to the park that screams “springtime”. On top of that the topiaries created are works of art as well. Most depict Disney characters and can be found in Future World and World Showcase.

There weren’t too many new topiaries this year but they still are certainly impressive.

The Food

Over the past few years the festival has gotten a huge upgrade in the food department. Food kiosks are placed throughout the park, each representing unique flavors and bites to eat. The expansion of the food offerings has almost transformed the festival into Food and Wine Junior. Everything I was able to try was delicious and most of them were new things I hadn’t had yet. You are starting to see some crossover from festival to festival in the food offerings but for the most part each bite is unique to their own festival.

Overall the festival was great this year! It’s awesome to see EPCOT transform and brings a new set of sights to see. If you haven’t attended the event in the past it should definitely be added to your Disney World bucket list.

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