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3 Things to Look Forward to If Disney Buys 21st Century Fox

In recent weeks there have been rumors reported from several outlets that Disney may be looking to acquire a large portion of 21st Century Fox. More specifically, Disney would take over the film and television departments of Fox, leaving their news and sports divisions to be a separate company still controlled by Fox. As Disney is the parent company of ABC and ESPN, they would be unable to purchase (if they even wanted them) the news and sports wings of Fox due to anti-trust laws.

And with Bob Iger’s track record of big time acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm this would certainly fit the mold. Talks have been on and off for a few weeks now but the benefit of that is it gives us fans plenty of time to speculate.

Here are my top three opinions on why it would be cool to see Disney acquire 21st Century Fox.

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe gets Some Old Friends

Any fan of Marvel Comic books knows that two super hero “groups” have been severally missed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Those being Fantastic Four and the X-Men. When Marvel was first getting into the movie business they decided to give the rights of characters to different movie studios in an attempt to have already existing companies take the reigns on the film projects. The Fantastic Four and X-Men film rights where given to Fox. And if Disney would take over then they could easily be brought into the Cinematic Universe.

While Fantastic Four and X-Men have both received good success from a film stand point in the past, recent endeavors (especially Fantastic Four) have not compared to the MCU as a whole. Bringing them in here could produce some excellent films down the road. Additionally, Deadpool would be given over to Disney as well, which appeals to a much more mature audience. Universal would still have theme park rights to these characters East of the Mississippi River but, we could potentially see them in other theme parks with Disneyland among them.

2. Potential for New Theme Park Attractions and Experiences

While more Marvel characters are always welcome in the theme parks, there is more potential for other 21st Century Fox intellectual properties to make their way into the parks as well.

And Fox is no slouch in the film making business as they have two of the highest grossing films in history under their belt in Titanic and Avatar. In an ironic twist the possibility of Avatar becoming more close related to Disney would be funny as many criticized Disney when they first announced Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for being too “non-Disney related”. This could potentially bring it full circle.

Other top franchises include Ice Age and Planet of the Apes as well. It is also interesting that Fox was the studio that distributed the first and second Star Wars trilogies. But that is more an interesting tidbit than anything.

3. A Whole New Level to Streaming

Bob Iger has already announced the two new streaming services Disney will be rolling out in 2019. One will be dedicated to sports carried by ESPN and the second will be Disney content itself. Including original movies and TV shows based on stories and characters from some of their acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. Bringing another big time studio into the mix would give them more access to great original content that could be a part of the new streaming service.

So there you have it. It sure would bring some cool potential to current and future projects that Disney has in the parks and entertainment but only time will tell if any of these things, including the acquisition itself, comes true.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? What would excite you the most of the acquisition? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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