5 Worst Disney World Attraction Re-Dos

Disney is constantly adding new attractions to its parks. But most of the time in order for something new to come, something old must leave. While we can always get excited for new things it’s alright to get sentimental whenever something leaves. It is much easier to get sentimental with an attraction when its replacement turns out awful. That’s what we are counting down today. When an attraction replacement or re-theming turns out bad. Here are my 5 worst Disney World attraction re-dos.

Soarin’ Over California Becomes Soarin’ Around the World

So yes the original attraction was based around California. And it was placed in a Florida park with no other California references. That doesn’t make too much sense. But regardless, it was incredible. I remember my first time riding Soarin’ and how breathtaking I thought it was. I had never experienced anything like it before. Everything about the attraction left me in awe. The scope of the ride system, the feeling of wind rushing past you, the sights you see, the smells and the incredible soundtrack. It all came together perfectly.

And then they announced it was being changed.

I was probably one of the only people who was alright with the change. While the California sights were epic the promises of what was to come sounded great. The new theming came with a new name and a new film. Soarin’ Around the World was going to take you to India, Australia, the Savannah, Paris and other epic places. I was excited for sure. But then I rode it for the first time. The video just wasn’t that great. The Eiffel Tower looked crooked. Animals and people below were clearly computer generated. Plus the transitions weren’t seamless anymore.

While I still have a blast on it and ride it any chance I can, I will always have in the back of my head what it use to be.

Test Track becomes Test Track 2.0

When I first rode Test Track, like Soarin’, it was a style of attraction I had never experienced before. You were in a car but it wasn’t quite a dark ride and it wasn’t quite a roller coaster. It was its own unique style. The premise was great too. You were essentially the crash test dummy at a car testing facility. The queue featured tests being done on car parts. The pre-show featured a humorous encounter with some test facility employees. Then you went out on to the track and put the vehicle to the paces. Plus in the end the high speed test was thrilling.

On December 6, 2012 Test Track “2.0” was launched. It brought a new futuristic theme to the ride. This did fit in better with its Future World location in EPCOT. But I think the story missed the mark. In the original version the pre-show explained what was going to happen. Then out on the track each new test was explained. “Why’d you spin out on the brake section? Oh, your ABS wasn’t activated. Now see what happens when we turn that on.” In this new version that sequence features a straightaway where you spin out followed by one where you don’t. But you have no idea why it is happening like that.

While I still enjoy going on Test Track the lack of story makes me miss the original version.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride becomes The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Now I think The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a pretty solid attraction. Especially for the little ones. If I ever walk past and there’s a short line I’ll be tempted to ride it. When I do it’s enjoyable.

When I was thinking about this blog post I originally thought I wasn’t going to have this. Mr. Toad wasn’t ever my favorite ride back in the day. The YouTube videos I’ve watched of it since don’t really blow me away either. But then I thought about what would I ride more. Mr. Toad if it were still there or Winnie the Pooh. When I asked myself that I undoubtedly answered Mr. Toad. If both rides were in Magic Kingdom together and I would ride the original one more then you know the replacement probably missed the mark.  

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter becomes Stitch’s Great Escape

Now while I don’t really remember the original attraction that much this makes the list simply because anything is better than Stitch’s Great Escape. I personally think Stitch’s Great Escape is longest running worst attraction ever. Heck, it might even be the worst attraction ever, period.

I’ve never been to prison but I image it probably feels a lot like this attraction. Basically you’re being held against your will while Stitch jumps around annoying you all along the way. I guess since in order to go to prison you have to have done something bad this attraction is more like being kidnapped. You didn’t do anything there’s just some awful person out there that wants to make you miserable. If that’s what Disney was aiming for, mission accomplished!

I know that Alien Encounter was incredibly scary and really wasn’t much of a great attraction itself but, it closing basically gave us a replacement 100 times worse than the original. The fact that Stitch is still there is astonishing, and let’s hope it gets replaced soon!

Ok rant over.

Journey into Imagination becomes Journey into YOUR Imagination becomes Journey into Imagination with Figment

Wait, rant back on!

The first installment of this EPCOT attraction opened in 1983. It introduced us to two new characters named Dreamfinder and Figment, who are both now cherished by Disney fans. The first ride was a classic and unique Disney dark ride. It brought a great story, new technology and great soundtrack. Instead of changing and updating things every now and then to keep up with the times Disney decided to revamp it completely. When it reopened in 1999 Disney World guests were upset. The new attraction was a sensory overload with an awful new song and terrible storyline.

Below you can watch a great video on the history of the pavilion and the attractions housed within it. What I find to be the worst reminder is that Figment is pretty much the official mascot of EPCOT. While he remains in the current iteration of the attraction his presence throughout the park only reminds you of what use to be.

There you have it. My top five worst Disney World Attraction Re-Dos. Did one of your least favorites not make my list? Or maybe you like one of these? Let us know!

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