Be Our Guest Breakfast Dining Review

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With the opening of New Fantasyland in 2012, guests to the Magic Kingdom were excited to go under the sea with Ariel, hear the story of Beauty and the Beast at Enchanted Tales with Belle, discover where Gaston hangs all of his antlers and explore the circus that just rolled into town. But when the land first opened the most popular attraction wasn’t actually an attraction at all. What guests were most excited for was the opportunity to dine at Beast’s castle. Ever since it has opened, Be Our Guest restaurant has been among the most popular (if not the most popular) restaurants in all of Disney World acting as a Table Service location for dinner and a Quick Service location for lunch.

In an effort to get more people in, Disney announced a few years back that Be Our Guest would open for breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner. While Breakfast and Lunch would still be Quick Service (order at a kiosk and then sit down) Disney also stated that they would begin to take reservations for these two dining times as well. Reservations for a Quick Service location were something we had never really seen before.

Recently my family and I were able to dine at Be Our Guest for breakfast and I wanted to give my opinions on it and share if I think it is worth it or not.

The Atmosphere

Without question this is probably the most well done restaurant on Disney property from an atmosphere and theming perspective. When you enter you really feel like you’ve been transported to Beast’s castle. The main ballroom is grand and the West Wing feels eerie just like it does in the film. Though it is not always open, the Castle Gallery is the third room in which you can eat. Since breakfast and lunch seem to always be packed to the gills it typically will be open for these times. It’s definitely the least impressive of the three rooms but still very cool nonetheless.

Entranceway into Be Our Guest's Main Dining Room
Entranceway into Be Our Guest’s Main Dining Room
Main Dining Room at Be Our Guest
Main Dining Room at Be Our Guest
A Mosaic at Be Our Guest
A Mosaic at Be Our Guest

The Process

On this day my family and I were eating breakfast before official park opening. Meaning we were able to get into Fantasyland before the vast majority of regular guests. This is something I always recommend and the earlier the better for in park breakfast reservations as there is the possibility for you to ride some top attractions after your meal but before the regular visiting public enters (this isn’t always guaranteed).

After you verify your dining reservations with a Cast Member you are able to proceed to the restaurant. At which point the lines begin. It’s crazy because you making a “reservation” for breakfast or lunch is simply just a way for Disney to cap capacity at a certain level. Since you have a breakfast reservation you now get the privilege to wait in line. It’s not a little line either, at least when we were there. We waited to check-in and then you proceed down a hallway that takes a good while to reach the end of.

The Hallway in Be Our Guest
The hallway in Be Our Guest lined with knights. Listen carefully and you might hear them.

Once you come to the end you then proceed to one of many kiosks to place your order. These kiosks are self-serving touch screens. You select the meal for each member of your party and then pay for your order. You receive a magical red rose and proceed to find a table to sit at.

Touch screen where you place your order.
Touch screen where you place your order.

At this point you can get your beverages at self-serving stations throughout the restaurant. A Cast Member pushing a dining cart finds you via your magical red rose and delivers your food.

The Food

Speaking of food you’re probably ready to know what exactly we got, right?

My Dad got the Feast A La Gaston which was your run of the mill breakfast with scrambled eggs, herb-roasted potatoes, bacon and sausage. He was fine with it but at one point he commented that he wished he would’ve ordered what both my sister and I got, the Croque Madame. This is an open-faced ham sandwich topped with a fried egg, gruyere cheese, and béchamel served with fresh fruit. This was quite tasty! Very filling but the béchamel was rich and full of flavor. I ate every bit of it and if I was to go again it’d be hard to order anything else. My sister agreed.

Croque Madame at Be Our Guest
The Croque Madame was very tasty!

As for my Mom, she ordered the Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich. This included poached eggs, bacon, brie cheese, and arugula on a croissant served with fresh fruit. I had a few bites of this as well and thought it was pretty good too. You get your breakfast staples in bacon and eggs and then a little twist as it comes served on the croissant with arugula and cheese. While the food might not be completely French it seems to feel French with the ingredients they use.

Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich at Be Our Guest
The Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich is another solid choice.

Each table also gets a plate of several different kinds of pastries to share and this arrives with your main entrees. Pastries offered on it are standard fare, much like what you would find at a Disney breakfast buffet but it’s nice to have them come with the meal.

Pastries for the table at Be Our Guest
Pastries for the table come with your meal.

Is It Worth It?

So we can obviously say the atmosphere is incredible. The Imagineers knocked this out of the park. It’s an awesome site to see when you walk in for the first time. But there are other things to consider when determining if this is worth it or not.

The process for breakfast  (which I would assume is probably identical for lunch) irks me a little. It’s already crazy enough that you need a reservation to dine at a Quick Service location. But with Be Our Guest you get that reservation and then wait in line. It is upsetting and can take up a good bit of time.

The food is good and at times bordering on great for what it is. Like I said I loved the Croque Madame. But other things leave a lot to be desired.

I think what this comes down to is price. Each entree includes a beverage and the pastries for the table. Prices are the same no matter what you order, $25 per dish. For four people that obviously comes out to $100….for a Quick Service breakfast….that we waited in line for. I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot! One item on the menu is a croissant donut, which would be your entree. For the croissant donut to cost $25 it better come with a $20 bill on the side. That price for a donut is lunacy. The other entrees are still just bacon and eggs for the most part, so nothing crazy expensive. Is this meal worthy of $100 for a party of four? Probably not.

But I will say this. Be Our Guest has now earned a spot on the Disney bucket list of all fans, and rightly so. It is an incredible venue and an awesome experience. When you get the opportunity you should go but if you can’t get a reservation it also should not be the “downfall” of your trip. There are plenty of other great options and for as expensive as this is, you might want to consider going all out and doing dinner. It’s a grander experience and it probably gets closer to being worth the price, more so than a $25 donut.

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