The Best Ways to Be Present at Walt Disney World

A trip to Disney World is an incredible thing. Incredible entertainment. Incredible attractions. Incredible atmosphere and incredible service are just a few of the things that make a Disney World trip epic. But of course, it can also be overwhelming. That can happen in a place that’s twice the size of the island of Manhattan! With so much to see and do you’ll easily be baited into trying to see and do it all in one trip. Running from place to place can get quite tiresome. The sentence “you’ll need a vacation after your Disney vacation” is something that can easily be said. While you dart from place to place you should take a moment just to be present at Walt Disney World.

I’ve often caught myself standing in line about to experience one attraction but realizing that my mind is already thinking about what I have to do next. With so much to see and do you’ll start to think about the next thing and forget about the one thing, you’re doing in the present. When this starts happening the trip seems to move quicker and when you worry about the next experience more than the current experience you are never able to make the full connection to where you are.

That’s why it is so important to be present at Walt Disney World. To put away your worries, to not fret about what’s next and just take some time to focus on where you are at that current point. So here are a few ways to make that happen.

Put the Phone Down

The Best Ways to Be Present at Walt Disney World - Put Down the Phone
The Best Ways to Be Present at Walt Disney World – Put Down the Phone

My Magic+ and My Disney Experience have made some incredible strides in the theme park guest experience. It gives you the flexibility to plan as you want and see what things are coming up next for you. Thanks to your smartphone and the My Disney Experience app you are able to adjust on the fly more than ever before. This new technology has given so much power to the theme park guest.

But with great power comes great responsibility of course.

It’s easy to get sucked into your phone. To always be looking at what you can do next. Or to always be adjusting in an effort to formulate the perfect plan. I’ve talked about the importance of always looking to adjust in the past but, it is something that doesn’t need to be constantly happening. Just being open to the idea is what you really need. Every once and awhile check and see if something else Fastpass or Dining Reservation wise comes up but you don’t need to be looking at it around the clock. Remember that it’s ok to put the phone away on vacation. Try to disconnect and unplug just a little and in return you’ll be more in tune with the place around you.

Look Around

The Best Ways to Be Present at Walt Disney World - Look Around
Look around. You never know what you might see.

When it comes to Disney World, for me it’s all in the details. The details put it over the top. What Disney World really is the largest art exhibit in the world. Everything you see, touch and interact with is a piece of art. When it all comes together you get this walkthrough exhibit that should be treated with the respect it deserves.

The details take it from a theme park to someplace completely different. You realize there were designers, artists, engineers and storytellers behind this incredible place. You have the ability to put yourself in their shoes and see how they constructed the things that they did. When you give yourself a few moments to look around and appreciate the details you are able to be present in Disney World.

Take a Break

The Best Ways to Be Present at Walt Disney World - Take a Break
Don’t be afraid to take a little break every now and then.

The more times I’ve gone to Disney World the more I appreciate the people watching. I love to see others’ reactions to the place I love so much. I’m in my happy place on a bench on Main Street just watching everyone pass by. When you take a moment for yourself and you don’t just rush from place to place, you can better take in the sights and sounds. You see how others are seeing this place and you can take a deep breath.

A Disney World trip is expensive and you want to get the most out of it. So I can see how you might be a little apprehensive to just sitting somewhere and taking a break. But trust me these can really make the trip. These are the times that I am able to relax for a few minutes and just look around. I always smile when I do this because one single thought pops into my head. “Wow, I’m in Disney World.” No matter how many times I go I will always smile when that pops into my head. The reveal of the castle, seeing the tree of life, walking into the center of Epcot and catching a glimpse of the Tower of Terror, they all trigger that idea in my head.

The more you tell yourself that and the more it becomes about where you are versus what you have to do, the more you will be able to appreciate where you are.

Being present doesn’t mean not getting to do everything you want. No, it means being fully immersed in doing what you want. Giving your undivided attention to the ride, show, experience that you are encountering at that present time. When you stop and take a second to be present, you are able to fully appreciate all that Disney World has to offer.

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