The Best Times of Year to visit Walt Disney World

It’s true that there is really no such thing as a slow season nowadays at Walt Disney World. Almost every day of the year can be considered crowded. Gone are the days of “off seasons” when low crowds and low wait times were a thing. The resort is expanding and is appealing to more guests than ever before. While there’s no insider secret time to go anymore there are several times that are less crowded than others. Throw in some special events and you’ve got our list of the best times of year to visit Walt Disney World.

Mid to Late January

Cooler temps and lower crowds make January a good time to go.

January has become a great time to go to Disney World as many are back at work and school after their Holiday breaks have concluded. Disney has, however, taken notice of this and has created events that have brought in huge crowds to fill up the parks and resorts. One of the most popular times of the year, Marathon Weekend, takes place in January. Guests come from all over to participate in the events of the weekend and in doing so, it hasbecome a very busy time. Luckily, this really only takes up the latter half of one of the first weeks of the month. Dates change every year for the event so keep an eye out on the calendar to see when this year’s is scheduled for.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a Monday holiday for most states in the U.S. and like any other holiday weekend throughout the year, it can bring big crowds to Disney World. Try to avoid this week/weekend if you can. An added benefit of going at this time is colder weather. Now, truth be told it can actually get downright chilly but it still is Florida and this period is great as you won’t experience the brutal Summer heat. But, chances are while it will be cold, it will still be warmer than your hometown.

February, excluding President’s Day Weekend

As people are coming off their holiday breaks, February is a good time to go.

This time frame can really stretch until the first week in March. A couple factors go into play here when it comes to the reasoning behind lower crowds. The first being that the Holiday breaks are still a little fresh in people’s minds and places are starting to get into the swing of things for the New Year. The second is that many people will wait until their Spring Break periods to go to the parks. Those don’t start until mid-March but can last well into April depending upon when Easter falls. President’s day like the other holidays before it will bring in large crowds so that’s the time of February to avoid.

Cooler temperatures apply for February as well and keep in mind that there is another “race weekend” during this month. Granted the popularity of the Princess Half Marathon is not on the scale of the regular Marathon Weekend in January but, it still is a popular event. Keep that in mind when planning a trip.

End of Summer Break

The end of Summer vacation is overlooked. This time period also allows you to experience Epcot Food and Wine Festival. One of my favorite events.

The end of August signals U.S. schools getting back in session. As a general rule of thumb you should avoid the Summer months at all costs! The length of time from the end of May to the end of August is the longest time period for crowds during the year. Many flock to the house of the mouse to take advantage of extended breaks. Crowds combined with the excruciating heat of the Florida Summers make this time period a no go.

But do try and take advantage of the times immediately following Summer breaks. The second half of August can have really low crowds and can continue with most days in September seeing the same attendance numbers. Excluding Labor Day weekend, September is a great time to go. Plus, foodies will be able to indulge in one of my favorite events of the year, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Temperatures can still feel like Summer at this time but the special events and lower crowds can easily make up for that.

Early November and Early December

This time period lets you experience the holiday decor without the holiday crowds.

Two of the busiest days of the year at any Walt Disney World theme park are Thanksgiving and Christmas day. You might think that people would prefer to spend these days at home but as most have off, they see it as an opportune time to head to the parks. In fact, these days are so busy we recommend avoiding them at all costs.

But the days leading up to these dates can be a great time to visit the parks. Many are gearing up for when they have off from school or work so early November and early December are ideal times to go. The main appeal, aside from smaller crowds, is the abundance of Holiday decorations throughout the parks. Once Halloween is over the parks transform into Christmas time. Disney does not skimp when it comes to their decorations either. There is so much to see and do plus special Holiday events and experiences are sure to bring extra magic to your trip.

With the exception of Veteran’s Day Weekend and a few days around the U.S’s Election Day, pretty much the first three weeks are great times to go in November. Just keep in mind the closer you get to Thanksgiving the more crowded it becomes. December is a little more tricky as many are looking to get their Christmas fix but the first two weeks in the month are solid times to go. Really try to stick to those two weeks though. There are no set vacation schedules in the U.S. during the Holidays. Where one state might get just a week off other states might get two weeks off when it comes to schools. So do try and stick with the earlier time frames of the months.

The appeal of the decorations is great and going in the early parts of November and December allow you to spend the Holidays from the comfort of your own home.


Try to avoid the Weekends as more and more locals are becoming Disney World regulars.

This one is more of something to combine with the other recommended time periods but it goes without saying that Weekdays are typically less crowded than Weekends (Holidays excluded obviously). Many like to plan their trips around Weekends so that they don’t have to take too much time off of work or school. Pair that with the ever-growing population of Disney fans becoming Florida locals and you can see how Weekends can get busy. Having a trip last from a Monday-Thursday will generally see lower crowds than a Friday-Monday trip. So keep that in mind when selecting your travel dates.

The main theme here as you can probably tell is planning around the Holidays and when schools are out of session. Disney special events like Marathon and Half Marathon weekends will only continue to grow in popularity and Disney will surely be looking to add more events during “slow” times to increase attendance. Yes Disney World is only getting more and more popular but, with the proper planning you can go at a time when crowds aren’t as bad and get to experience the magic at a better pace than normal.

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