How to Score 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

When it opened in 1999, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was a revolutionary interactive attraction. A first of its kind for a Disney park. The iconic character drew people in but the fun experienced on the ride keeps them coming back. While the technology has grown since then, and this attraction definitely needs some refurbishments, it’s still worth a ride. Many wonder how they can “max out” the score and become a Galactic Hero. In this post I’ll tell you the top tips and targets to hit so that you can get 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

“I Am the Captain Now”

First things first. You’re in a competition with everyone around you. Others might say it’s “just for fun” but you and I both know that ain’t true at all! You want to win at all costs and you want to get the highest score in your party at the end of it. Which means you need to control the ship. Grab the joystick and make sure your co-passenger knows that you are driving this bad boy.

This is important because it means you can make sure that the car is pointing in the direction you want it to go. Being the captain means that once you’re out of reach of one target you are focused on you can flick the joystick and reposition yourself to the next spot. You’ll be able to better execute your game plan this way. Plus, you’ll also know when you will be turning. The last thing you want to happen is being locked into a certain target just to have the car spin in the opposite direction.

When you’re the captain you’re in charge.

Find Your Laser

It can be a little difficult at times to know exactly where your laser is. When you enter the first room aim at the very back of the room (where no one else is shooting to) and get your eyes on your laser. This will make it much easier to transition to hitting the targets when you actually know where your laser is. So many people think they are hitting something only to realize later on that it was someone else’s laser actually doing the damage while yours was off in no-mans land not hitting anything.

Riding at the very beginning or at the very end of the day can help you track your laser better too. These times typically have fewer riders riding which means fewer lasers being fired. This will help you maintain sight of your specific laser.

Getting eyes on your laser can help you in the long run and ensure that you are hitting the correct targets.

Don’t You Take Your Finger Off that Button!

Intuition says to click the button each time you are ready to hit something. But it’s not like you run out of shots at any point. Have the button pressed the entire time you are on the ride. Not only is it easier but you’ll be able to track your laser better. Even when you get your eyes on the laser it can be easy to lose sight of it. When you constantly have it pressed each shot will be easier to track especially when moving from one target to the next.

Plus, if you are locked into a target you can maintain your laser on that and with the button pressed you’ll be able to continue to rack up the score. Remember that you want to hit the “Z” on the object to get points and not just the object itself.

Another reason you want to keep the trigger held throughtout is you automatically get points after you fire a certain amount of shots. Even if you were to miss every single target in the attraction, if you keep the button pushed you would still end up with over 1,000 points. Now that’s not a lot but anything helps in your quest for 999,999.

The Further Away the Better

You’re trying to become a Galactic Hero, right? Well being a Galactic Hero means you have the marksmanship to hit any target you want. The attraction knows this and will reward you for the targets you hit further away. If you can try and lock in on a target that’s far away from you. The greater the distance the greater the point value will be.

But don’t put all of your eggs into this one basket. It’s easy to get locked into an object far away and then forget about everything else. If you are aiming and aiming but are unable to hit the far away target just move on. This attraction may seem like it is moving slow but it goes a lot quicker than you think. Being focused on a target far away for too long might hurt you in the long run. Especially if you aren’t able to hit it after a long period of time.

The Big Targets

Alright alright. Enough talk about tactics. Here are the REAL tips. The insider tips. The tips that will make you the Galactic Hero you know you are deep down inside.

Certain targets in the attraction are scored much higher than other ones. These are kind of random but if you hit them you can score big. The targets I am about to talk about are all worth big points. The more times you hit them the greater likelihood you will have of maxing out the points on the attraction.

The Red Robot

In the very first room, there is a giant red robot on your left. Here’s where the first target lies. On the inside of the robot’s left hand, there is a target that’s worth 100,000 points. Position your cart to have a good angle on this and start hitting the target. It can be a little difficult because the target will continue to move as the robot’s arm goes up and down but it’s the best way to set you up for success. Continue to move the cart little by little so that you remain at an effective angle.

The Claw

In that same first room you’ll see the claw. This is actually as you exit the first room and go into the second room. You’ll need to position the cart around in order to hit it. Aim for the target underneath it and that will get you 100,000 points.

The Volcano

In the middle of the second room you will see a Volcano. Hit the higher target on it near the top and make it erupt. With each successful hit you’ll gain an additional 50,000 points.

The Monster Jack-In-A-Box

As a good rule of thumb, targets that trigger an action when hit will get you higher points. In this case if you hit the box where a monster pops out you will be able to get 50,000 points. You’ll be able to hit it from multiple angles so try and keep the laser pointed on it.

The Bottom of Zurg’s Ship

In the third room, you will come face-to-face with Zurg himself. He is piloting his ship and while there is a lot to look at in this scene you will want to focus on the bottom of his ship. You’ll see a target and each hit will get you 100,000 points. These points are very important as the attraction is almost over. This target is unique as it is easier to hit the further away you are. As you get closer the angels get harder and harder and nearly impossible to hit. So lock in on it as soon as you enter the room.

The Batteries

Once the angle is too hard to hit the target on Zurg’s ship focus your attention on the batteries, specifically the ones at the bottom. Like I said before, hitting targets that trigger actions can get you some big points. These are relatively big and close to the cart which means you should be able to hit a few of them. Each successful shot will get you 50,000. Try to hit them as much as possible because this is really the last spot for big points.

By this point, you will have hopefully hit 999,999. It will take some practice but the more times you ride the better you get. If you do hit 999,999 head over to the photos after the ride and let a Cast Member know. There they will give you a Galactic Hero sticker. Wear it proudly throughout your day at Magic Kingdom. Go ahead you deserve it, you saved the galaxy after all!

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