How to Conquer Pandora the World of Avatar

All new things breed a desire in anyone and everyone to experience it simply because it is new. This creates long lines and crowded places. Some have waited over 5 hours just to experience one attraction in Pandora. Avatar Flight of Passage is the premier e-ticket attraction in the new land and many have used a majority of a full day just waiting in line to experience it. With another ride, food to experience and the land itself to explore it could be an entire day to experience the land itself. And let’s not forget that there is still a full theme park you are in as well with many new and classic experiences to also occupy your day.

But WDW Opinion has your back. We experienced both attractions, explored and ate at Satu’li Canteen and got drinks at Pongu Pongu all with in the first hour of the park opening. We did this less than three weeks after it had opened on a Friday in the middle of June. Regardless of a new park being there it would’ve been considered a busy time as many schools had already been let out for summer and Fridays are always busy for those getting an early jump on the weekend. Also we were able to experience everything else in Animal Kingdom on top of all this as well.

This requires some planning but read on to get our top tips so you can experience all of Pandora

Rope Drop is Your Best Friend

Our trip to Animal Kingdom began bright and early with a drive from the All Star Sports resort to the park. We left the hotel at 6:50 a.m. to get to the park almost an hour early before its 8 a.m. opening. No lines at security brought us to wait in a line of approximately 15 people in front of us at the Mickeystiles (turnstiles). By [7:25] we were allowed to enter the park where we followed the crowd to the left of the Tree of Life and were held just past the bridge waiting to enter the land itself. Cast Members were spieling about going to the left for Na’vi River Journey and the right for Avatar Flight of Passage. We were then walked into the land and were in line by [7:45]. We were ready to ride a full 15 minutes before the park technically opened. We had finished our first (yes we did it multiple times) ride on Flight of Passage by [8:10]. By the time we had gotten off the wait was up to an hour (probably not actually that long) but people were definitely stopped in line to wait whereas we had basically just walked right on.

A quick check of the My Disney Experience app had Na’vi River Journey at a 10 minute wait. By [8:30] we had waited in line and rode both experiences Pandora had to offer. Additionally we had a fastpass+ for Flight of Passage which we rode at that point. We then proceeded to the Saltuli Canteen to have breakfast with only about a 10 minute wait for food. By 9 am, only one hour after park opening we had done three rides, eaten breakfast and explored the land.

There was still much more to explore but if you want to experience all that Pandora has to offer with minimal to no wait, then rope drop is an absolute must.

Staying on Property is a HUGE Plus

In the fastpass+ line for our second ride on Flight of Passage another guest called out from the stand-by line “how long ago did you get your fast passes?” I responded with a simple “60 days ago.” Most park guests are able to make fastpass+ selections 30 days in advance but if you stay on property you can book a full 60 days out. This is huge to almost guarantee a ride on the e-ticket attractions. Exactly 60 days out I woke up and booked our fast passes. I got them for [8:05]-9:05 a.m which is just about the earliest you can get them for. Getting them as early as possible allows you to leverage rope drop to ride it again or experience another attraction. Animal Kingdom has gone to a tiered system where you can only pick Flight of Passage or Na’vi River Journey, not both. Secure one 60 days out and then rope dropping the other is your best way to almost guarantee a ride on both.

Additionally we were also able to secure fastpass+ for Kilimanjaro Safaris and Dinosaur and since I had my final fastpass+ end at [11:45] I was able to secure an additional one for my whole party on Expedition Everest in the evening when we would come back.

This summer Pandora is open late most nights exclusively for Disney resort guests. A great Extra Magic Hours Perk just for Pandora that lets you experience the wonders of the land at night. It is still crowded but there is definitely plenty of breathing room. Lines will still be long but experience the land at night is an attraction in itself.

Make it a Priority to Get Out by Noon

The hottest part of the day is also the busiest it will be. With the one-two punch of fastpass+ and rope drop you will be able to knock out the land before the insanity sets in. Roam the rest of the glorious park that is Animal Kingdom as there is more than plenty to do. Or head back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and to recharge. Then as nightfall approaches head back to experience nighttime attractions in cooler temperatures. And if your hotel is a Disney property, roam around Pandora until the wee hours of the evening.

So yes if you don’t stay on property these tactics might not work best for you. But no matter where you stay, if there are no Extra Magic Hours in the morning for Animal Kingdom you will be able to rope drop. And consider this, before I used my first fastpass+ of the day we (a party of 6 so not small at all) were able to experience both attractions and eat, all because of rope drop. Yes it’s hard to wake up early on vacation but thank me later when you see the poor folks standing in a five hour line at high noon as you make your way out of the land.

Also, remember that this is not always guaranteed. Rides break down, you might be let into the park later than I was, other days can be extremely crowded. But these tips give you the best possibility to experience everything that you want.

So how about you? Have you tried any of these tips and have they worked for you? Maybe you have another tip to share as well? Let us know in the comments or on social! Until then happy exploring travelers.

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