5 Walt Disney World Attractions that Got to Go

Listen, I of all people love Disney World. The attractions are of course the main reason I keep going back. There are some I love that I could ride over and over again. Then there are some that are just ok. But if we are being honest with ourselves, there are plenty that just are basically a waste of space. I’ve written about the worst attraction redos of all time but, some of them just have to go regardless of their history. These are the attractions that have me scratching my head going, “why’s this still here.” So here is my list of 5 Walt Disney World attractions that have got to go.

A disclaimer before we start, just because I say these have to go doesn’t mean they can’t be your favorite. We all have our own opinions, which is why I started WDW Opinion. But these are the attractions that I think have to go.

Tomorrowland Speedway

So I get the concept of this. Kids can’t drive cars and of course, they want to be able to. So you put them in this track where they can’t go off the rails. They enjoy it and that’s all well and good. But if we only base attractions on things kids aren’t allowed to do yet then shouldn’t we have a bar and saloon for kids? Maybe even beer for kids? And no, LeFou’s Brew doesn’t count!

Alright, that might be a little extreme….

But the real reason I think this attraction has to go is the simple fact of the amount of space it takes up. It is absolutely massive. There is plenty of room to put one, maybe even two full-size new attractions there. I’m sure this was fun when it was an original concept in the 50s and 60s. But now that technology has caught up to it (and gone way past it) I’m not sure if this is something kids everywhere are dying to ride.

Forget the fact that it is loud, smells bad and probably costs a fortune to run because of the gas. Tomorrowland is already the most out of place land, meaning its attractions all loosely, and sometimes barely, fit into the theme. Tiny cars don’t really scream the future or the idea of the future that Tomorrowland represents. I think the theming and size of this attraction are the main reasons it’s got to go.

5 Worst Disney World Attraction Re-Dos
Imagination Pavilion

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

I think a lot of people want this attraction to stay around. But they always throw in a caveat. “Because maybe they will turn it into the original again one day.” Yeah, I got some news…I don’t think that is ever going to happen. It shouldn’t stick around solely because people want to cling onto the past versions of it. 

I think that is why this is such a loathed attraction. Because it use to be great and now it is a shell of its former self. By keeping Figment in the ride Disney just teases you with this fact too. And then they just slap you in the face by making Figment the de facto mascot of Epcot. I will say I do appreciate them for doing that. They could easily double down on the ride and say it is great but I think they acknowledge it use to be a lot better. By still having Figment all throughout the park and on merchandise it’s their way of saying, “we’re sorry about what happened.”

The attraction itself just does a poor job of telling a coherent story. Instead, it is just an onslaught attack of the senses at every turn. It’s a shame because I think the ride vehicles are cool and the pavilion itself is gorgeous. It’s just a tease of what it used to be and its lack of story only adds to the fact that it has to go.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

There are a few places in Disney World that always seem to be log jams. The park doesn’t have to be crowded even for this to occur. The walkway from Liberty Square to Fantasyland in front of it’s a small world and Peter Pan’s Flight is a perfect example of a bottleneck that can get overcrowded.

The second worst spot in the Magic Kingdom for this is right in front of the Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Adventureland. Pretty much the whole perimeter surrounding it can get congested. As you come from Main Street, the left side of this attraction is crowded with guests going to or coming from Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. Then on the right guests clamor to get to Frontierland or to grab a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle. Don’t even mention the fact that half the people are stepping on each other just so they can get out of the way of the spitting camel that marks the entrance to the ride.

Certain rides are created just to occupy guests. With a place as busy as the Magic Kingdom this is a total necessity. Some attractions exist simply because they can occupy hundreds or more guests every hour. In many ways, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin serves this purpose. But when it was originally created it was also done as a way to pull people away from Dumbo the Flying Elephant. That classic attraction always had a huge wait and this served as an alternative. Now Dumbo the Flying Elephant has doubled in size and can accommodate more guests in a much larger environment. So this ride doesn’t really need to exist.

You don’t even have to put anything here. Throw up some awnings and more seats and tables so that all the adoring Dole Whip fanatics can actually have a place to sit and chill while they consume their tasty treats. Just give this area of the park some breathing room. Because on very busy days, it really needs it.

One Man's Dream
One Man’s Dream

One Man’s Dream

Ok, this is clickbait (But since you’re already reading this I’m not sure what to call it. Halfway through the article subheader bait? Sure. Let’s go with that.). I love One Man’s Dream in Hollywood Studios. I go through it almost every time I am in the park. It tells the awesome story of Walt Disney. From his time growing up in Marceline, Missouri, to his early days as an animator and highlights some of his biggest professional accomplishments. Plus you get to see models from Disney parks around the world.

But the last part of this exhibit is what I think needs to go.

At the end, there used to be a showing of a short documentary about Walt Disney’s life. It was great and every once and awhile it will come back. But now they have it themed as “Walt Disney Presents One Man’s Dream featuring…” That featuring part is what has to go. What they do now is just show elongated previews of the next upcoming Disney movie. Sometimes it is an animated movie, sometimes a live action movie. Regardless it should only ever be one thing and that’s the story of Walt Disney. The trailer just seems out of place. Give me more Walt!!!

Wildlife Express Train/Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Now I will admit this last one was a little difficult to pick. You put me on a train and I am happy. I just think it is a cool way to experience stuff (which is why I love the Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom). But this attraction has always been a little confusing for me. I think it is cool how you face one way on the train. This way Disney can control exactly what you see. And I love the aspect of seeing the backstage areas and what not.

But picture this. You hop on the Kilimanjaro Safaris and venture into the Harambe Wildlife Preserve. It’s one of the best attractions on all of Walt Disney World property and it does an incredible job of immersing you right in the story. You feel like you are in Africa, the jungles and the Savannah around you feel totally wild. Then as soon as you get off that you hop on the Wildlife Express and are immediately toured through some backstage areas where the Cast Member narrating the journey says, “here are some barns where the animals from Kilimanjaro Safaris spend the night.”

Theming ruined!

Then when you do get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch there really isn’t a whole lot to see or do. When it comes to seeing animal checkups there it is pretty hit or miss. Other than that it’s like you took a train ride just so you could go to a character meet and greet with Rafiki.

Maybe I picked this because there have been rumors swirling about how this “land” will be closing for good. But in reality, I just think it is something that doesn’t need to be there. I love what it tries to do but I don’t think it can pull off showcasing animal care without ruining the overall park theming. Animal Kingdom’s whole premise is that it is not a zoo. When you show me the animal barns and vets that take care of them, it kind of turns it into a zoo.

Now with all that animal talk, I need to address the elephant in the room. If you’ve listened to any episodes of the WDW Opinion Podcast (You haven’t?!? Weeellllll, then you are missing out!) you know I have a hatred for one attraction in particular. I think Stitch’s Great Escape is one of the worst attractions ever created. It brings absolutely nothing to the table. For the last few years it has fluctuated between season operation but ever since the beginning of this year, it has been closed. While Disney hasn’t said it has closed permanently, there are strong indications that this attraction will never open again. Fingers crossed that it will one day be confirmed but its potential in never opening again is why I left it off this list.

So what do you think? Should these attractions go away forever? Or do you think I missed one in particular? Let us know on social media!

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