5 Fastpass+ Tips and Tricks to Use at Walt Disney World

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Disney prides itself on being able to deliver an exceptional guest experience in their parks. A combination of great cast members, incredible theatrics, world class attractions and cutting edge technology make a trip to Disney stand out among the rest. Tools like FastPass+ enhance one’s experience and allows guests to experience more attractions and shows in a single day. But not knowing the ins and outs of FastPass+ can be a real detriment to one’s day in the parks. So here are five FastPass+ tips and tricks to help you have the best Disney World experience.

1. Schedule and Use Fastpass+ No Matter What

This might seem obvious but this is still very important. Many are tempted to go to Disney in the “low times” of the year because they think there will be no lines. While low times of the year are increasingly becoming rarer and rarer, there are still times less crowded than others. But lines will always exist and the more popular attractions will always have longer wait times no matter the time of year.

If you choose to go during a lighter time of the year you should still take advantage of FastPass+. That means scheduling those FastPass+ reservations at the allotted time you are allowed (60 days out for Disney Resort guests and 30 days out for everyone else) and not just waiting until the day of. The low times can be tempting to just go in with no FastPasses but, you need to resist these temptations! Scheduling your FastPasses in advance allows you to have a more relaxed time as well, while making sure you hit the rides you want to hit with minimal wait.

It’s a free way to “skip the line”, take advantage of it.

2. Sit Down With Your Party and Decide What are Must-Dos

It’s important to get with your party before hand to determine what everyone wants to ride. When you hash out everyone’s preferences beforehand, there is less likelihood of a chance that someone will be surprised. Knowing what the must-dos are will help you determine what you should and should not schedule through FastPass+.

3. Use Fastpass+ in Tandem with Rope Drop

Rope Drop, or the exact time a park opens in the morning, is always the least busy time of day. Dashing to the most popular attractions when the park first opens can result in very low wait times. This tends to last for the first 1-2 hours of the day as well. If you schedule your FastPasses for the morning hours you can knock out a good amount of popular rides with a one-two punch.

Scheduling your FastPasses in the morning also let’s you get access to a fourth FastPass sooner. You are able to schedule three FastPasses in advance and all three must be used before you can schedule a fourth. The later in the day the less likelihood there is of getting additional FastPasses. The sooner your first three are used the sooner you are able to possibly get a fourth. 

4. Save Time with the My Disney Experience App

Throughout each Disney park there are FastPass+ Kiosks. At these kiosks you are able to go up to them and schedule FastPasses for you and your party. Only problem is the lines can sometimes get very long. It seems counterintuitive to wait in a line just so you can then schedule something that helps you “skip the line”. Luckily you are able to make FastPasses on the go with the My Disney Experience app. This is a must have app for your smartphone anytime you are in the parks. With it you’ll be able to check attraction wait times, view upcoming showtimes, utilize park maps and much more. You’ll also be able to see the FastPass+ reservations you currently have as well as edit current FastPasses and select new ones when you want. This can be a huge timesaver.

5. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

The old adage “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again” applies perfectly to getting FastPasses. The new system of booking FastPasses in advance can sometimes result in you getting shut out of certain rides as there are only a certain number of reservations per day. If this happens to you for an attraction you desperately want to experience, don’t fret because you aren’t quite out of luck just yet.

I’ve seen frequent success when people continually refresh the app. As people come and go and change and edit their FastPasses new ones can constantly pop-up. I just recently heard of someone refreshing the app for a 10 minute period or so the day before Toy Story Land opened. In doing so they were able to secure an opening day FastPass for Slinky Dog Dash. You might say this is impossible but you never know what might happen. Any chance you can, go into your app and see if something is there. You might not get it but there’s always the possibility.

FastPass+ has changed the way we experience Disney World. I particularly like it as I can have a general understanding of my day before I even arrive. Others would prefer the old system. Clinging to the past won’t help you get that FastPass for Flight of Passage though. Using the new system can however. The more experience you have and the more you incorporate these tips into your plans the greater likelihood you have of getting the FastPasses you want.


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