The Best Magic Kingdom Attractions to Use FastPass+ On

FastPass+ is an incredible tool when it comes to planning your Disney World vacation. If you are staying at a Disney owned resort you can start booking FastPass+ 60 days prior to your first day in the parks (this also applies to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels as well as select Disney Springs “good neighbor” hotels). If you are staying at an off-site hotel then you will be able to start booking FastPass+ reservations 30 days in advance. With crowds only getting larger and larger, FastPass+ has become one of the best tools to use to guarantee you access to attractions with little to no wait. With so many great choices you might ask what are the best Magic Kingdom Attractions to use FastPass+ on.

Disney World’s Top Theme Park, the Magic Kingdom

The top theme park at Walt Disney World is, of course, the Magic Kingdom. It’s the oldest, has the most charm and the most classic attractions. But with 22 attractions or character meet and greets offering FastPass+ it can be difficult to select what to use a FastPass+ on. You are allowed to book three FastPass+ reservations in advance so you want to make sure that those three are going to be the ones that will offer the greatest value to you. Knowing your party makeup and preferences when it comes to attractions will help when deciding what FastPass+ to select. A group with several young children in it will be likely to spend more time in Fantasyland than trying to ride Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

Because each party will be different I decided to give a breakdown of the top six attractions you will want to book in advance. Coming up with a list of just three won’t appeal to enough people which is why I decided to go this route instead. Knowing the top six, will help you pick and choose based on your parties preferences.

Now, these aren’t necessarily the best attractions but they are the best attractions to use a FastPass+ on. The main premise behind a FastPass+ is to help you save time. You experience attractions at a minimal wait time. But you want to make sure that the attraction you are experiencing is prone to long lines. I enjoy riding “Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid” but, this attraction typically only has a 10-20 minute wait if that. Using a FastPass+ on it might not be a good choice when you could use it on say Space Mountain which can routinely have much higher wait times. That’s why it is important to know exactly what you want to do.

So here are the top six attractions to use a FastPass+ on in Magic Kingdom.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Rope Drop you will probably be going towards a bigger E-ticket thrill ride like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Space Mountain first. As you hit those rides early in the day the wait time for Peter Pan will only continue to climb.

The ride itself only lasts three minutes but, it feels like it goes much quicker than that. Because of this waiting in line for an hour plus to ride it isn’t the best utilization of one’s time. If you know that Peter Pan’s Flight is a must do attraction for you party then a morning FastPass+ for it will serve you well.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

One of Disney World’s Most Popular Attractions, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Still one of the most popular attractions in all of Walt Disney World, it has become a requirement to ride for many visiting the Magic Kingdom. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train holds a special place in my heart as I use to work as a Cast Member there. While I do love the attraction I can sincerely say I don’t believe it is worth the wait time that it can routinely hit. It is not uncommon to see the waits at 90-120 minutes and up for this ride depending upon the day. Many make this their Rope Drop ride and head towards it first thing which is a pretty solid decision to make as well.

FastPass+ advance reservations can routinely fill up for this popular attraction. So much so that on most days all FastPass+ reservations can be filled up for the whole day. That means if you walk into the park without a pre-booked FastPass+ for it you probably won’t be getting one the day of. If your Rope Drop plans don’t include this ride then you will definitely want to make it a FastPass+ requirement.

Enchanted Tales With Belle

This is an incredibly unique attraction and a real requirement for the aspiring Princess or Beauty and the Beast fan in your group to experience. I personally wouldn’t recommend this attraction to be done at Rope Drop though. It’s really more of a walk through experience than a traditional attraction. With multiple show scenes each talking several minutes it can really add up. The benefit of Rope Drop is getting to ride multiple rides with low waits. But the longer the ride means the more time for other attractions to start filling up.

Beauty and the Beast is still incredibly popular and this attraction can pull in a lot of guests. Times can start getting pretty long early on in the day for it. Rather than hit it first thing in the morning you’d probably be better off securing a FastPass+ later in the day for it if it’s something you know you want to experience.

Big Thunder Mountain/Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a Frontierland Classic

Now, this is kind of a cheat on my end because I am grouping these two together. But, I do think they should be treated as a pair. The early morning hours typically don’t see incredibly long lines at these attractions but the closer to midday it gets the longer these lines can become.

Splash Mountain overall probably has the longer average wait time but that can ebb and flow depending upon the time of year. People are probably less likely to ride in the winter than they are in the summer due to the getting wet factor.

Even with great popularity I still think Big Thunder Mountain is underrated. It has incredible theming and it’s just a great fun ride. Rather than using two FastPass+ reservations on both of these rides I would just pick one (probably Splash Mountain) and then ride the othe using stand by. If you time it to be earlier in the day then, because of the proximity these two attractions have to one another, you’ll basically be able to ride two attractions in the same amount of time as waiting for just one of them.

Jungle Cruise/Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is an Absolute Crowd Pleaser

Same rules apply here as they do for the previous suggestion. Both of these attractions tend to not be too crowded in the early morning hours but wait times will increase around lunchtime. Really all wait times will increase around lunchtime across the park. This is just because more people will be in the park at that time. You’ll still have the people who arrived for Rope Drop and those that slept in will have arrived by this point as well. Plus many will stay until 3 o’clock to watch the parade.

Because of this, you want to select one or the other to use a FastPass+ on. Decide which one you want and try to pick the earliest FastPass+ possible for either of these. The early the better because you want to be able to get additional FastPass+ reservations once your first three are up. Booking them in the morning gives you a greater likelihood to secure others. So book a FastPass+ for one and ride the other in stand by.

Space Mountain

The Current Top Ride in Tomorrowland Goes to Space Mountain

It should go without saying that big roller coasters will always typically have long wait times. Thrill seekers of all ages (who meet the height requirement) will want to ride Space Mountain. Unlike other popular E-ticket attractions this ride’s wait times can start high and continue to get high throughout the day. After Seven Dwarfs Mine Train this is probably the second most popular attraction to experience for Rope Drop.

Because of its popularity and its potential to have high wait times starting early in the day, you will probably want to snag a FastPass+ if you can. The line is also deceptive. Because the vast majority of the queue is inside, wait times can be deceptive for this. Not knowing just how long the line is can be another reason why you will want to get a FastPass+ for this.

Popular attractions like the Haunted Mansion, it’s a small world, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin can also be the recipients of higher wait times. But these attractions have a greater likelihood of being low wait times or even better have a greater probability that they will have FastPass+ reservations available later in the day. That means you might be able to claim them after you use your first initial three.  

Keep in mind that character meet and greets might be a good use of FastPass+ as well. In particular the Cinderella and Rapunzel Meet and Greets can get very crowded due to the character popularity. Using a FastPass+ here can save time especially if you have someone in your party who really wants to meet them.

There are secret formulas for using FastPass+ but there aren’t perfect or one-size fits all formulas. Always keep in mind the preferences of what your party wants to do and why they want to do it. Knowing this can help you prioritize the must-dos versus just simply the nice to dos. FastPass+ isn’t something to waste on a ride you might enjoy or might like to experience. These are best utilized on the most popular attractions you HAVE to do. There is plenty of time in the day to experience a plethora of the Magic Kingdom attractions. You just have to manage your expectations and plan for your top requirements.

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