Are More Theme Parks Coming to Universal Orlando?

There’s long been speculation that Universal Orlando Resort would be adding another theme park. Last year’s opening of Volcano Bay is defined by Universal as their third theme park. But while it is one of the most impressive water parks out there it is still that, a water park. No matter how Universal tries to spin it, it is still a water park. But recent actions by Universal have led many to believe that another theme park, or possibly more, are coming. Here’s what we know on the matter and what it might mean for Universal Orlando Resort.

Purchased Land

For the past few years Universal has been buying up land close to their property in Orlando. Bits and pieces have lead to an accumulation of over 500 acres. Then recently Universal doubled their land acquisition with a purchase of an additional 500 acres.

Those combined is more land than the currently developed Universal Orlando Resort sits on now which means there’s plenty of space for more hotels and theme parks. Plus the land is very close to the already developed section of the resort as well as the former site of the Wet N’ Wild water park. That area is currently being developed for Universal’s “Endless Summer Resort” which will feature two new hotels.


A couple years ago it was announced that Universal and Nintendo would be partnering to bring iconic characters from the gaming world to life at theme parks across the world. Last year we got details of the first area to be created with this new partnership. Super Nintendo World will be coming to Universal Studios Japan and will open to the public in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

With all this land being purchased one can’t help but think Nintendo might be playing a big role in what will be built there. And early this year Universal stated that we would hear more news about the partnership in the parks, specific in Orlando, in the coming year.

Listen it’s all speculation until an official announcement is made but the elements are hard to argue against. That coupled with the sources people have heard from and we can figure that a new theme park at Universal is definitely in the not too distant future.

If you’ve never listened to the Disney Dish podcast I highly recommend it and on a recent episode they discussed this very question. Take a listen here.

What would you like to see in a third Universal theme park in Orlando? Let us know!

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