Movie Review: The Dreamfinders

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I’ve been a Disney fan all my life. It wasn’t until recently though, that I actually realized there are some out there that have made Disney their career as well. I don’t mean working for Disney themselves but actually being professional Disney fans. Many in this community sell Disney merchandise or own or work for a travel agency but, some are able to make a living simply by covering Disney. Some of the biggest names in that space are covered in the documentary, “The Dreamfinders”. I watched this film over a year ago and it is one of the main things that helped push me to launch this website. Since it has brought me so much joy I feel it’s my duty to share it with others as well.

Now a disclaimer first. This is less a movie review as it is an overview. I love this movie too much to give it an unbiased review. But trust me if you love Disney Parks you will love this film.

Director of the documentary Tony Cortese set out, in his words in an email to me, “to bring the magic of the Disney Parks to the screen and try to illustrate why people are drawn here year after year.” A Disney fan himself he wanted to try and portray why Disney has such an impact on people. The main stars of the film are very well known in the Disney fan community. People like the host of WDW Radio, Lou Mongello, and the creator of, John Saccheri, are among those portrayed. As professional Disney fans they seem to be the perfect examples of what it means to be immensely affected by Disney.

What the film does a great job of showing is how intertwined the Disney community is. We see these “Disney fan celebrities” like Lou and Panda and we think they must not know each other or view each other as rivals. But as you watch the film you begin to realize how their journeys’ are intertwined and they are friends themselves. You see how they have reached out to each other at times and how they have helped one another as well. The community is put on full display here and in scenes you even see them interacting with fans. In starting a journey as a Disney fan they have in-turn created fans for themselves. Which really is an awesome sight to behold. 

I think the film speaks to me so much because it’s just a justification that me loving Disney so much isn’t that strange at all. If you’re reading this right now you’re probably a pretty big Disney fan. At times you might have thought you were a little crazy because of how much you loved Disney. But here with all the people being so emotional attached to this place you realize that there are so many of us out there. That’s what I am trying to accomplish here as well with WDW Opinion. To create a community where we can all share our crazy (crazy good!) love of Disney.

“Disney is fueled by the memories of your childhood”, says Cortese. “That’s why we continue to go on the same rides and experience the same attractions year after year. It’s the memories, it’s how Disney makes you feel.” Those feelings I know are something that we have all experienced. And “The Dreamfinders” does an incredible job of showing those feelings.

For his next project Cortese is working on a film about Walt Disney himself. Specifically after the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair up through the Florida project. It is titled “Walt Disney – Master of Dreamers” and by the looks of the trailer it is shaping up to be an epic piece. For Cortese this film is about keeping the Walt Disney legacy alive. “Walt Disney in today’s generation has become a brand and people are slowly forgetting about the man himself and what he contributed to society. People need to understand the risk that he took and how he believed in what he was doing.” I think we passionate Disney fans can all agree to the importance of keeping Walt’s legacy alive.

While we anxiously await this new release be sure to give “The Dreamfinders” a watch (or 10). You won’t be disappointed!

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