Revenge of the Mummy: Universal Orlando’s Best Attraction

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This blog would’ve gone a lot better if I had GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE!

Well, not really. While it is late in the night as I write this blog, coffee probably won’t help. If you’ve been on The Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida you know I’m just paraphrasing a quote from one of Brendan Fraser’s appearances in the attraction. Really, I don’t need any coffee to help profess my love for this ride.

I think this is a testament to what Universal Creative is truly capable of. It perfectly combines the three necessary elements every great attraction needs. It has an entertaining queue, the ride itself is fun while not being too familiar and lastly it tells a story.

Let’s start with the queue. You enter the Museum of Antiquities in the New York section of the park. It seems like you’re going into a history museum only to find out that you’re actually on the set of the latest The Mummy film. Inside you watch a pre-show video as you walk through the queue where you discover some of the crew believes the set is haunted. Quickly the area around you changes from a production set to an eerie storage area filled with ancient artifacts. The light gets darker, the place gets colder and the music gets ominous. As you turn corners you might get spooked and as you continue you notice a gigantic Egyptian statue above that looks like it’s about to fall. Luckily as you approach a set of stairs you see the ride vehicles which will surely get you to safety….

I don’t want to ruin the ride itself for those who haven’t ridden but the gist is you encounter the Mummy himself who is trying to capture you and your soul. The attraction is basically a roller coaster with sequences of when the ride slows and even comes to a complete stop. The whole time you’re being pursued by the Mummy. It can definitely be scary but boy oh boy is it fun! Of all the rides I’ve been on in my life I don’t think there is any other I smile on as much as this one.

From start to finish this ride is brilliant. In theme parks dominated by Harry Potter, Marvel Characters or even Jurassic Park, the Revenge of the Mummy often gets neglected when Universal Parks are discussed. While it might be underrated it definitely does not underperform.

Have you been on Revenge of the Mummy? If so what did you think of it?

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