Top 5 Places to Grab a Margarita in Disney World

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching! The Mexican Holiday celebrating the victory of the Battle of Puebla is now celebrated by many outside Mexico itself. While it’s an opportunity to take part in Mexican heritage, let’s be honesty…most like to celebrate becasue of the drinks involved. And what better way to celebrate than with a Mexican speciality, the Margarita! To help you celebrate here are my top 5 places to grab a Margarita in Disney World.

The Conjurita at AbracadaBar
This drink comes with it’s own magic trick.

5. AbracadaBar

This spot on the Boardwalk might be an unusual location considering they don’t necessarily specialize in any one drink in particular. But one of the favorites on the menu brings a unique twist to the classic drink. The Conjurita combines El Mayor tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup and lime juice into a refreshing elixir. Plus, when ordered a special magic trick is performed! (Just be sure to say the magic words.)

4. Boardwalk Joe’s

If you’re at the Boardwalk but looking for something more “traditional” in the Margarita family, have no fear for Boardwalk Joe’s is here. Across from AbracadaBar and Trattoria al Forno is this small kiosk. Here you can get a few snack items but as the name intends, Margaritas are also on the menu. Some interesting varieties, plus frozen options give you plenty to choose from. Pick one that sounds tasty to you and enjoy it while your stroll down the oh-so gorgeous Boardwalk.

The Hollywood Brown Derby
Try the Margarita flight at the Brown Derby Lounge.

3. Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Can’t pick just one Margarita? The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge has you covered with their Margarita flight served with three different varieties. This flight gets you three versions on the rocks, the classic Margarita accompanied by a Mango and Pomegranate version. This great, and often overlooked, place in Hollywood Studios has outdoor seating with small plates and smaller versions of apps you would find in the full restaurant itself.

Sunset at Dockside Margaritas
Dockside might be the best spot to grab a Margarita in Disney Springs.

2. Dockside Margaritas

I have professed my love of this Disney Springs watering hole before. So obviously I had to include it in the list of best places for Margaritas as well. Frozen and on the rocks options are available here but also be sure to ask your server what the seasonal margarita is as it changes up frequently. The view alone is worth the visit but luckily the drinks are just as good.

1. La Cava del Tequila

Well duh!

This immensely popular institution found inside the Mexico pavilion had to round out my list. This place is just down right cool. More for those looking to grab and go but regardless, they serve up some of the best drinks on all of Disney World property. Be sure to grab a menu while waiting in line as they have some very unique options to choose from. My personal favorite…the avocado. I know what you’re thinking, avocado and tequila….yuck! But please I beg you, just trust me on this one! This drink is AWESOME! Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

There you have it. My list of the 5 best places to grab a Margarita in Disney World. Even if you won’t be there for Cinco de Mayo, you can always give one (or several :)) of these spots on your next trip.

Where’s your favorite place to grab a Marg in Disney? Let us know!

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