5 YouTube Channels Every Disney Fan Needs to Watch

I love YouTube. Often I find myself going down a rabbit hole on the site. I start watching one video and then the next thing I know I’ve watched 10. All thanks to the suggested videos promoted to me by the site’s algorithms. But I don’t complain because I think the content on YouTube is incredible. The site is filled with some talented people making some remarkable videos. Of course one of my favorite topics to explore on the website are Disney videos. Vlogs, history videos, reviews or even just straight discussions about Disney and Disney World are awesome to watch. I find it helps my Disney addiction while also making the time between trips a little more bearable. Hopefully these channels will do the same for you! Here are my top 5 YouTube channels every Disney fan needs to watch.


While this channel goes well beyond Disney and Disney World, I think any Disney fan can appreciate it. The channel explores the history of now closed theme park attractions from around the world. Disney World and Disneyland frequently make appearances as does Universal Studios Florida but some of my favorite episodes on the channel revolve around “regional” parks like Kings Island, Cedar Point, Six Flags Astroworld and others.

The videos on this channel are incredibly well produced and you can tell that a great deal of research went into every single one of them. Kevin Perjurer, the narrator and creator of the channel, and his team does a great job of also constructing a compelling story for each video. The premise of the ride in question is described very well and why it closed is detailed too. But the storytelling of what was occurring at the theme park leading up to and after the ride’s existence makes each video that much more compelling. Here’s one of my favorite episodes on the defunct Magic Kingdom attraction, Alien Encounter: ExtraTERRORestrial.

Rob Plays

Just like with Defunctland you can tell that Rob Plays puts a great deal of work and research into his videos. Rob Plays puts out a new video about every week and they pretty much focus on Disney. Both the parks and the company as a whole. While many touch on the past of the company others also explore interesting current topics. His most recent video, at the time of this blog being written, explains the process of how Walt Disney World controls the mosquito population at the resort.

Other recent videos include The Origins of Disney Pin Trading, What Does Disney Do With Their Food Waste, 5 Examples of Disney Ride “Sequels” among others. Rob is a great storyteller and has an exceptional knack for finding unique ideas and weaving them into compelling narratives. He also has opinion videos, vlogs and other types of videos on his channel. Check out his Why Did Disney Stop Selling Ticket Books video below.

The Tim Tracker

What started close to 9 years ago as just a daily vlog has transformed into a bastion for any Florida theme park fan. Tim is a native Floridian who one day just decided to start video taping his daily life. One day he started taking the camera into the Universal Parks and realized that people really liked it. So he started going more often. Then he started going to Disney World. Now he and his wife Jenn are in the Orlando parks almost every single day. The channel releases a new video everyday but sometimes they revolve around other Orlando attractions than the theme parks. Like this recent one where Tim went to go ride the Orlando Star Flyer.

Every once and awhile Tim and Jenn venture outside the central Florida theme parks as well. Just a few weeks ago they headed to Tokyo Disneyland. They frequent Disneyland often as well. My favorite part about these videos is how you, the viewer, is able to live vicariously through Tim as he explores the parks. It’s a great way to pass the time from one Disney trip to the next. Tim is a great host as well, his excitement is really awesome and makes each video fun. Checkout a recent vlog below.

The Dis Unplugged

The Dis Unplugged has been a great podcast that’s been going on for over 10 years now. Put on by the creators of the DIS Boards and, their Unplugged YouTube channel began as a way to broadcast and upload video versions of their weekly podcasts. Putting a face to the voice you had been hearing for years was quite cool. The channel now includes different series in addition to still housing video versions of their Disney World and Universal podcast. Their Disney Dining Show series reviews restaurants, the Best and Worst series dives into different best and worst lists in the parks and their vlogs show their team members exploring the parks.

The team is filled with some very entertaining personalities who all seem to be good friends. Which I think is what makes the shows pretty cool. Check out a recent video they did on Best Shows at Disney World below.

Attractions Magazine

As the name ensues this channel explores anything and everything deemed an attraction. The channel is from the website and print magazine of the same name. They have a slew of shows covering anything and everything attractions. Their weekly news show is a great source to stay up to date on anything and everything themed entertainment. Check out their recent on ride POV of Ratatouille: The Adventure attraction in Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.

There you have it! My top 5 YouTube channels every Disney fan needs to watch. These channels are a testament to how strong the Disney and theme park community is and how it’s filled with so many talented people. What’s your favorite theme park YouTube channel?

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