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10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Magic Kingdom You Probably Never Knew – WDW Opinion Ep. 110

In this episode I share 10 fun facts about Disney’s Magic Kingdom you probably never knew. Check out the list below and be sure to listen to the podcast episode to get the full story about each Magic Kingdom fun fact.

10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Magic Kingdom You Probably Never Knew - Magic Kingdom is a Movie Theater

1. The Show Begins – Magic Kingdom’s Entrance Is Just Like a Movie Theater

When Walt Disney came up with his idea to build an amusement park he took all the knowledge he had making movies and brought it to the real world. Movie tricks are used throughout the parks but Walt wanted you to “be in the story” when you walked into the parks. The Magic Kingdom is set up like a movie theater in this regard. As you enter you see attraction posters that act like the “Coming Soon” posters you see outside movie theaters. The first thing you smell when you enter is popcorn, just like in a theater. The red carpet is rolled out for you and the windows on Main Street act like the opening credits and once you get to the Castle hub you get to pick the direction where your adventure, your story, will start. It’s all just part of the show.

2. The Red Sidewalks Serve a Very Important Purpose

While many believe that the sidewalks down Main Street, U.S.A. are painted red to act like the red carpet being rolled out for you, the real reason they are red is thanks to Kodak. As an early sponsor of the Disney parks, Kodak was asked by Disney how they could help make the pictures their guests were taking as good as possible. Kodak suggested that the sidewalks be painted red. An odd request but Kodak believed that the red from the sidewalks would had a nice contrast between the Castle and the blue Florida skies. So we have to thank Kodak for rolling out the red carpet for us.

3. The Windows on Main Street are the Opening Credits of the Film

Much like the opening credits in a movie, the Windows on Main Street act like the credits for the Disney parks. As one of the highest honors a Cast Member can receive, the Windows are a way to honor the men and women who helped create the theme parks. Personal favorites are the “Seven Summits” window above the Crystal Arts store honoring Frank Wells and the two windows honoring Walk located about the Train Station and the Plaza Restaurant.

4. Why is Cinderella Castle Only 189 Feet Tall?

The Imagineers are constantly thinking about theming and how the details make everything feel special in the parks. While Cinderella Castle is quite grand, why does it clock in at only 189 feet tall? The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has a law in America that says any building that is taller than 200 feet needs to have a red blinking light on the top of it so that aircraft in the area can see it. Imagineers knew that it a red light had to be placed on the top of Cinderella Castle the theming would be completely lost. So they strategically made it just under the requirement of 200 feet.

10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Magic Kingdom You Probably Never Knew - Prince Charming Carrousel

5. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is the Oldest Attraction in the Park

Somewhat of a trick question but Prince Charming Carrousel holds the distinction of being the oldest attraction in the Magic Kingdom. Originally built in 1917, Disney bought it in 1967 to add to the Magic Kingdom before it opened. Carrousels are very important in the history of Disney parks since it was at the Griffith Park Carrousel in Los Angeles where Walt first got the idea of creating his theme park.

6. Going Counter Clockwise Around the Park Has You Moving Forward in Time

The Imagineers in a way want you to start your journey in Fantasyland. That puts you in the Old World of Europe. As you walk through the land you cross under the overpass, which signifies the Atlantic Ocean, and you are now in the New World of America in Liberty Square. As you continue your next stop is Westward Expansion and into the new territories of the American West in Frontierland. Exploration, and time, continues as you transition into Adventureland and the explorers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Continue further into Main Street, U.S.A and see what progress has been made in America. But you have a little further to go and you now walk into the future in Tomorrowland. As your story progresses in the Magic Kingdom so too does time.

10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Magic Kingdom You Probably Never Knew - Liberty Tree

7. The Liberty Tree is Over 100 Years Old

The original Liberty Tree is a very significant landmark in the American Revolution. The replica in Liberty Square has a lot of history to it as well. The tree is well over 100 years old and was originally located in another area of Walt Disney World property. It was relocated some 6 miles to its current location in Liberty Square. Most people walk right past it but next time you are there explore that area a little. You can even try and spot all 13 lanterns in the tree which signify the 13 original colonies.

8. Watch Out for the Poop River

Back in the day Chamber Pots were a thing. When the pot got full the contents where chucked into the street. Eventually the excrement would form a river in the streets. Some interesting Imagineer probably discovered this fact while researching for Liberty Square. And now because of that we have the poop river! The next time you are in Liberty Square you will totally be able to see this in the pavement and sorry but, you will never be able to unsee it!

9. Ground Level is Actually the Second Floor

As the story goes Walt was sitting on a bench in Tomorrowland in Disneyland, watching the guests in the park that day. At one point he sees a Cowboy walk through Tomorrowland on his way to Frontierland. The Cast Member parking lot was right behind Tomorrowland so this was simply a Cast Member trying to get to his shift on time. At that point Walt decided that something like that would never happen in his next park. And that’s why the Magic Kingdom has the utility corridors A.K.A. the Utilidor. This underground network of corridors is how Cast Members can get from one section of the park to another without being detected by guests. Next time you are in Magic Kingdom just know that you are actually standing on the second floor.

10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Magic Kingdom You Probably Never Knew - it's a small world

10. The Importance of the 1964/1965 World’s Fair

If you know me you know I love to hate “it’s a small world” but I can’t deny the significance it plays in the history of Walt Disney World. “it’s a small world” and the “Carrousel of Progress” were two of the four attractions Walt Disney was commissioned to create for the 1964/1965 World’s Fair in New York. While Walt saw this as an opportunity to build, create and test new methods he also saw it as a way to see if what he did in Disneyland resonated with an East Coast audience. “it’s a small world” and “Carrousel of Progress” were among the most popular pavilions at the World’s Fair and their popularity confirmed that the East Coast loved what Disney created. Because of this reassurance he was confident in moving forward with his Florida Project. If those attractions were not a success, who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have a Walt Disney World in Florida right now.

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