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Power Rankings: The Best Attractions With No Height Requirements at Walt Disney World – WDW Opinion Ep. 90

When Walt Disney had the idea to create Disneyland the main premise was to create a place where the whole family could have fun. Not a place filled with just attractions for kids. Or a place filled with crazy rides that the young ones couldn’t participate in. But a place that every member of the family could go on and enjoy.

Over the years, yes they’ve added quite a bit of attractions that have a height requirement but there are still plenty of options for the entire family to enjoy.

It’s weird because with each new attraction that gets announced, especially in the last few years, the majority of them will have a height requirement.So we get super excited about the thrill rides.

For many kids the first time they are tall enough to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or Expedition Everest or Flight of Passage is always a big deal. But there are still so many great options that anyone and everyone can enjoy regardless of their height.

And that’s what we are discussing here today. We’ve got our Power Rankings of the best non-height requirement attractions at Walt Disney World.

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