Calling All Opinioneers! Let’s Chat In Real Time!

Exciting new things are coming to Disney Springs. Join us LIVE as we discuss the latest Disney World news!

44 Comments on “Calling All Opinioneers! Let’s Chat In Real Time!”

  • Good thankyou

  • I remember the virgin store

  • This NBA Experience sounds awesome!

  • Maybe a one and done for some. I am a big nba fan so I can see myself going with friends often.

  • I’ll look forward to City Works but not so keen on the NBA Experience

  • Sue Brown


    Hello from Maryland!

  • Most definitely

  • Hello from Orlando

  • This new brunch sounds amazing! I have a goal in life to get to know all the restaurants in Epcot and in Disney Springs, but they keep adding new stuff!
    I guess I’d have to keep coming back! =)

  • Sue Brown


    We really liked it! Mac & cheese bites & steak was great,

  • Never tried one lol

  • Agree that the Dole Whip product is very overrated.

  • The parents need drinks after a day in the park with their kids lol

  • Sue Brown


    The more happy hour options the better!

  • We will be celebrating our daughters wedding at the Boathouse, very excited to see what is on the menu

  • It’s a small world

  • .. we use it to have a nap lol

  • I consider some of these rides a break in the air conditioning

    • Sue Brown



  • They’re all great, how can you hate any of them it’s Disney

  • It’s the same ride different scenery

  • We nor noticed lol

  • They ruined Journey into Imagination

  • We never noticed lol

  • Sue Brown


    I really dislike the new bird show at AK. Wish they hadn’t changed it.

    • Sue Brown I dont dislike it but I wish it had stayed the same. Russell and Dug’s input within the show are irrelevant and unnecessary. Birds are boring. Let’s be real. Adding unclear IP wont change it. My favorite add on idea are the birds from jungle book! That would be epic. Even if its just animatronic. Having them as a part of the show would add a comedic and bright aspect that wouldn’t be otherwise.

      • Sue Brown


        Alli Reynolds I totally agree that the Russell & Doug addition was pointless. I like the Jungle Book idea!

  • Thanks for another WDW Update Conor! Hope you and all the fellow Opinioneers have a great week!!

  • Love listening, thanks Conor

  • thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    love listening too!

  • Oh wow I’m jealous now

  • Sue Brown


    Have a blast on your trip!

  • Yes. Let’s talk Disney! I hope you can see the chat!

  • OMG you started on time…! thank you!

  • Dude I’m so sorry I thought I was watching live.

  • Word. They could have an epic experience every championship for every sport and move ESPNzone restaurant from the boardwalk there!

  • I think it’s a total waste of time and money by not putting it where it belongs.

  • Can see it

  • Nice jersey ellie

  • He’ll from Boston.

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