Did You Hear Tower of Terror is Getting a Refurb?

Join us tonight at 7 p.m. ET as we discuss this and the latest Disney World news stories LIVE! Chat with us in real time. What do you think about Tower of Terror getting a refurb?

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  • Connecticut

  • Hello from Detroit!!!

  • 80 and sunny!

  • Hello from New Boston, south of Detroit

  • Yay!! Fellow Michigander!!

  • Sounds like a cool spot! Always looking for something new to try at WDW.

  • I agree with Austin — always looking for something different.

  • Husband and I are professional chefs, always looking for unique and creative dishes

  • Sue Brown


    Well… I’d try it if we were staying at that hotel but wouldn’t make a special trip.

  • Yak and yeti has some best foods

  • Do you know if there is still construction around Caribbean Beach resort? Planning a trip for May and debating between Caribbean Beach and Saratoga Springs.

  • Was just there not too bad

  • Great insight. Thank you!!

  • Sue Brown


    Rene-If you go with Saratoga request to be at the Grandstand.

  • Sue Brown


    Best bus stop!

  • Thanks Sue!! Never stayed there, really considering it!!

  • Had the pleasure of staying at Saratoga Springs once. It was great!

  • Thanks Austin! I’ve been dying to stay there!

  • I was able to ride slinky dog 3 times

  • Loved not using fastpasses on them

  • Sue Brown


    I think at night they limit them to 3,000 tickets.

  • I did the animal kingdom after hours and did fop 5 times

    • Sue Brown



  • Glad they aren’t retheming it

  • Shane – yes!! Me too!!

  • In disneyland they made it guardian of galaxy

  • Tower Terror is a classic! A must ride if you are at Hollywood Studios.

  • Sue Brown


    Absolute must ride!!! Laugh throughout!

  • I have a few times this week one of my fav

  • Sue Brown


    The speedway!!

  • Keep the speedway. Stop cutting length Make electric with a tron theme in conjunction with the new coaster. It would fit the tomorrowland aspect better

  • Think aladin will be big with new movie coming

  • An all star wars day would be mine so I could meet Vader and see inside workings

  • I’m back stage at bog lol

  • I would love to shake the hand of Tony Baxter! My favourite Imagineer for sure! and yep, a park tour with him would be awesome!

      • WDW Opinion – Unofficial Walt Disney World Blog & Podcast so glad I caught the end of this podcast! Will watch in full tomorrow as very late here in UK! Great show Thank you for reading out my comment!

  • Thanks for another WDW update Conor! Congrats on 30 podcast episodes!!

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