Discuss the Latest Disney World News Live

Join us at 7pm ET as we discuss the latest from Walt Disney World. Including a new character coming to Animal Kingdom and a tasty treat coming to stores near you. Come and voice your opinions with us!

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  • Hello from new Hampshire

  • Hello from Orlando! Ready for more WDW Opinion!

  • Co-host and Disney Partner-In-Crime here listening from Ohio! Brought my brother along to watch!

  • Will be at wdw in 78 days and have interview on the 15th of this month to become a cast member

      • WDW Opinion – Unofficial Walt Disney World Blog & Podcast ty its always been a dream of mine to cook at Disney

    • Hey Shane! Thanks for tuning in! If you don’t already – check out our Podcast! New episodes every Monday!

  • Sue Brown


    Watching from Maryland. Heading to WDW in a month!

  • I don’t but will start for sure

  • The WDW podcast is great. Love that each episode covers a different topic. Excited for the 2019 pods!

  • Sounds a lot like a peacock at zoos. Love the idea.

  • Or that failed dinosaur that wandering around for a few months in Dino-Land!

  • I love Kevin I’m so excited

  • Nice Kevin will be there when I go

  • Sue Brown



  • My daughter will be so excited she loves those

  • Cookie sandwich for me lol

  • Please tell Austin congrats from me if he is watching.

  • Natazu!

  • Kevin is THE mystical creature that Carl’s long time idol has been searching for for the entirety of his career.

  • Sue Brown


    Free food means bigger crowds.

  • Early start on the Star Wars launch though in Anaheim… could this be a sign of things to come in Orlando???

  • Sad to see the movie ride go, but can’t wait for Galaxy’s Edge. The trailer was awesome!

  • Galaxy’s Edge!!!

  • I still don’t know the actual ride name

  • When I first saw Vader I have to say it made me tear up ty Disney for making a childhood dream come true

  • Great segment Conor! Thanks for another WDW update.

  • Very cool, Conor! Hope to have all the watchers tonight as pod listeners!

  • Sue Brown


    See you next time!

  • See ya next week! Bye

  • Dang I missed this! Was hoping to get on the live but you know how it is when you have a one year old! Everything seems impossible! Hope to catch the next live!

  • Hi from Rhode Island and former Castmember

  • Your going to love it

  • I could go for some pizza from Via Napoli

  • Ice cream bar

  • Way to go, Conor!!

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