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Our 47 Favorite Things About Magic Kingdom

This past week marked the 47th anniversary of Magic Kingdom’s opening and with it the de facto 47th anniversary of Walt Disney World itself. What started as a sort of replica of Disneyland has taken on a life of its own and in its 47 years, it has become the most popular theme park and one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. Over 20 million guests pass through Magic Kingdom turnstiles each and every year.

There are so many things to love about this place and its size and scope is certainly one of them. Rather than do a top 10 or what have you we decided to discuss our 47 favorite things about the Magic Kingdom. Whether it’s attractions, shows, food, entertainment or the details, we’ll be running through our favorites on this episode of WDW Opinion.

  1. How we get there – no two arrivals are the same
  2. The monorail
  3. The boats
  4. The train station – it’s just so happy
  5. The big reveal
  6. The Castle
  7. The smells down Main Street
  8. Being unable to resist NOT taking a photo
  9. The people who built it (i.e. Windows on Main Street)
  10. Ducking into the Emporium to beat the crowds
  11. We love Casey’s
  12. Coming to the Hub where you get to pick your destiny
  13. Transitions from land to land
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean
  15. The smell of the pirate water
  16. Haunted Mansion
  17. The Mountain Range
  18. The music from Splash Mountain
  19. That view of the castle from Splash mountain.
  20. Space Mountain’s elegance
  21. The Country Bear Jamboree (Do we?)
  22. Relaxing on the People Mover
  23. Relaxing on the Walt Disney World Railroad
  24. Relaxing on the Liberty Square River Boat
  25. Punny jokes on Jungle Cruise
  26. Experiencing the new combined with the old (i.e. New and Old Fantasyland)
  27. Stoller chaos – yes, something about it
  28. Churros
  29. Turkey Legs
  30. Dole Whips
  31. Pop Corn
  32. The welcome show
  33. Rope drop
  34. The dew on the sidewalks in the early morning
  35. Your fellow guests
  36. People watching
  37. Hoping from land to land, really world to world
  38. We love to hate on it’s a small world
  39. We also love it’s a small world
  40. Pecos Bills, enough said
  41. Fireworks over the Castle
  42. The calm at the very end of the night
  43. Going back to Tomorrowland at night
  44. Seeing the park throughout the year
  45. How elegant it is with chaos around it
  46. Something about the way the Castle seems to always just be in view…
  47. The chance to celebrate for EVERY occasion (I mean, 47 years?)

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