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Power Rankings: The Mountain Attractions of Walt Disney World

Sometimes a good idea just sticks. And sometimes that good idea is so cool that it builds a theme. For Disney, their good idea came in the form of a legendary Swiss mountain and decades later, with rides all over the world I think it is safe to say that the Mountain attraction idea Disney came up with has stuck as a pretty awesome theme.

In fact, there are 19 mountains across the world in Disney parks. Including 4 Big Thunder Mountains, 3 Splash Mountains, 5 Space Mountains, a Mt. Prometheus, a Mt. Gushmore, a Mt. Mayday and a Forbidden Mountain to name a few.

We could talk about all of them and why they are great but for this episode, Hank and I will be discussing the mountains of Walt Disney World. We will do an overview of each, discuss what we like and what we don’t like and then we will each give our power rankings of the mountains.

Plus on this episode, we discuss our News to Opinion stories of the week and we remember a lost Magic Kingdom attraction.

Stories discussed in News to Opinion

Main Segment Discussion

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