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How to Get in a Disney Trip State of Mind

For obsessive Disney World fans, time can be measured in one of two ways. Time spent at Disney World and time spent elsewhere. But both of those ways can be fun if you have the right mindset. In reality, a trip to Disney World requires the proper state of mind. Both when it comes to knowing how to execute your plans and knowing how to enjoy the place once you’re there. For die-hard fans like Hank and myself, the leading up to and planning of a trip can bring just as much enjoyment as actually going on the trip. But there is only so much anticipation one can bear.

Passing the time from one Disney trip to the next can feel like an eternity. But once you have that next trip planned there are so many things you can do to get ready for it. And then when you head back home are ways to keep the Disney state of mind too. In this segment, we are going to give you ways to prepare your mind for Disney and keep your mind that way after you return. It’s all about having Disney on your mind this week on WDW Opinion.

Plus we discuss a new Pin related event coming to the Animal Kingdom, Disney files a new patent for Guardians of the Galaxy and we go in-depth on the latest Disney resort hotel announcement.

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In-Depth Discussion

Disney Confirms Plans to Build New Resort Hotel on Old River Country Grounds

Learn more about Disney’s former water park, River Country, here.

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