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How Many Days Do You Need for a Perfect Disney World Trip?

47 square miles. That’s twice the size of the island of Manhattan. It’s also the size of Walt Disney World property. Now currently only ⅓ of that land is actually developed but, that still leaves quite a vast expanse to explore. Home to four theme parks, two water parks, over 20 resort hotels, the gigantic Disney Springs shopping, dining and entertainment district and so much more, there is plenty to see and do at Walt Disney World.

Listen there’s simply no way to see and do it all in any one trip to Disney World. It doesn’t matter how long you stay either. Take it from me. I lived there for a year and in the years when I haven’t lived there I’ve made nearly 30 separate trips to the house of the mouse and there are still plenty of things I haven’t ever seen or experienced. It’s not shocking that one of the most frequent questions I get asked by people is how many days should we go to Disney World? What they actually mean is how many days does it take to do and see it all. That question is impossible to answer.

So what’s the perfect amount of days for a Disney trip? That too is an unanswerable question. There’s no uniform this is how many days you should go. Each person is different and because of this there’s no one size fits all trip. Your budget, how many days you can be away from home and work and what you’re looking to get out of the experience will determine what kind of trip you will have.

For this segment rather than Hank and I just giving you one answer we’re going to break it down by days. We’ll tell you what to do with one, two, three, four and all the way up to seven days. Along the way we will share the best itineraries for each amount of days and we’ll end up at a conclusion of what we might recommend trip wise.

Plus a fastpass+ loophole is closed, we express our discontent with the cupcake fad and we share our unpopular Disney World opinions. All that and more on this episode of WDW Opinion

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