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Are Epcot Festivals Becoming Overrated?

It’s trip report time!

Back in the day, I used to live for trip reports. Whether it was on message boards or on podcasts, trip reports are a great way to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures. WDW Opinion’s mission is to help you plan for a daydream about your next perfect Disney World trip. Trip reports accomplishing both of those things perfectly. You learn tips and strategies to help you plan for the next time but it also helps pass the time in between those trips.

Luckily for you, we’ve got not 1 but 2 different trip reports to share.

Hank and I both recently got back from separate Disney World trips and we’re excited to tell you all how they went. We’re still getting over the post-Disney trip hangover but sharing our trip is a great way to help deal with the depression.

Plus, Epcot gets an opening date for its new nighttime spectacular, we’ve got so much news to talk about when it comes to Disney+ and we share our unpopular Disney opinions. All that and more on this episode of WDW Opinion.

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Check out Hank’s article on Disney+ here: How Disney plans to use streaming to turn you into a full-on Disney addict

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