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What Disney’s Movie Schedule Means for the Parks

Sometimes as Hank and I geek out about the latest in plastic bracelet technology or as we salivate over theme park operating hours it’s easy for us to forget that Disney really is a film company.

That’s right for every robot bear they’ve created they have a dozen movies to show for it. And while this is a theme park-centric podcast it’s important to go back to Disney’s roots from time to time. After all, film really is the reason they are so successful today.

Their film success is also why their theme parks are so successful too. It’s all about storytelling but it’s also about Disney’s ability to create incredible film characters that then can fit so perfectly into a theme park. Their theme parks are a gateway for you to enter into your favorite films.

Just a few days ago Disney released their upcoming film slate for the next eight or so years. There’s still plenty of gaps, unknowns and yet to be announced projects but one thing is certain. Disney is in no way, shape or form slowing down when it comes to content creation.

Whether it be Disney animation, Disney live action, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Lucasfilm or anything coming from the newly acquired Fox, Disney has some huge releases that will be created in the years to come.

Intellectual Property or IP continues to find its way into the parks now more than ever. But with the new slate of Disney owned films, how will that affect the parks. What characters, franchises and stories will make their way into the parks and how will it reshape current entities already there.

It’s time to daydream because in this segment will be giving our 2 cents, whatever that’s worth, on what we think will change in the parks based on upcoming films. It should be a rather interesting discussion.

Plus, Disney is giving resort guests more options when selecting thier Magic Bands and this Fall brings a huge new perk to resort guests in the form or more Extra Magic Hours

Stories discussed in News to Opinion

All the Disney-Fox movie release dates through 2027

See the schedule we discussed in the main segment here.

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