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These Are the Ways to Save Money for a Walt Disney World Trip

A Disney World vacation is expensive. That’s not a controversial topic it’s just a fact. Most vacations are expensive no matter where you go. Sure Disney might be on another level but Disney World is on another level when it comes to a vacation experience.

But there are a lot of things to pay for when it comes to a Disney trip. Obviously, the transportation and the hotel can be the most expensive but tickets can get up there too. Then you factor in dining, souvenirs and a whole list of other miscellaneous items and it adds up quickly.

Just like I preach about having a strategy when it comes to your park days and vacation itself I also think it’s important to have a strategy when it comes to a Disney vacation budget. Keeping your eye on it before and during the trip can relieve you of a lot of headache and stress once you return home.

In this episode, I’m going to share my top tips for saving money for your Disney World vacation.

Plus, we’re discussing some new enhancements coming to Animal Kingdom and the dedication ceremony for Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge is going to be live stream, I’ll give you all the details on that.

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