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Everything You Need to Know About Disney+

At the beginning of every show I let you know what WDW Opinion’s mission statement is. Yes we’re here to share our Disney opinions with you and in return we ask that you share your Disney opinions with your fellow Opinioneers but in doing so we hope you can achieve two things.

To one help you plan for and two day dream about your next perfect Disney World vacation. Growing up as a die-hard Disney fan I always tried to seek out as much Disney content as I could to help fill the Mickey sized hole in my heart that occurred in between trips. Movies, shows, books and so much more helped me pass the time when I wasn’t in Disney.

Well, I think Disney completely understands this and they are ready to make sure that Disney fans around the world won’t have to go too far in order to feel the magic. In fact they’re looking to bring as much magic as they can right to your very own TV, computer or smart device.

Disney+ is a streaming service that looks to be turning the industry on its head. Everything from the price, the content, the delivery of said content and so much more is breaking new ground in the streaming world.

By the time this podcast goes live on Monday, September 9, 2019 there are only 63 days left until Disney+ officially goes live. While there will be many more announcements coming in the weeks leading up to the launch and we are bound to get more details about future content in the years to come, but for now Hank and I decided that now is as good a time as any to discuss the series and films we are most excited for that are coming to this new streaming service.

So grab your popcorn because today we bingeing on all the Disney+ news we know.

Plus we also discuss the opening of the 2019 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and we share our thoughts on a new Florida Resident ticket Disney is offering.

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