Have You Heard About the Changes Coming to Epcot?

Tonight at 7 pm ET we are going LIVE to discuss the changes coming to Epcot. What do you think about the new changes coming to the theme park, are you excited for them?

10 Comments on “Have You Heard About the Changes Coming to Epcot?”

  • Hello from Orlando!!!

  • Sue Brown


    Hope the twinkling nighttime pavement stays!

  • Excited for what’s to come!

  • Pizza socks?! That’s a must buy #DLishMerch

  • Sue Brown


    Wonder what the castle will look like? Return of the cake?!!

  • Definitely have to make it to the parks and take part in the 50th Anniversary Celebration! Fun for the whole family!

  • Thanks for another WDW Update Conor!

  • Feeling special for being one of the favorite questions! Keep up the good work, always enjoy listening!

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