Have You Heard About This New Disney World Perk?

Want to get into Hollywood Studios starting at 6 am? I’ll tell you about a new perk Disney is offering.

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  • Nope severe weather and rain

  • You heard the promise here first! I will eat a Disney Parks map while recording a WDW Opinion podcast episode if they don’t extend these hours beyond the initial end date!

      • I’m counting on it!

        • Is it wrong that I am rooting for this to happen

  • Sue Brown


    Great days to go to a different park!

  • Planning on long days for cast members during all of this

  • Hate the damn bugs no one told me about them lol

  • I would do it!

  • Every day I would!

  • But sue brown so far loving life

  • Park has been busy hard to get off for the show

  • I would drag the kids out of bed to go. But we leave May 19 to drive to WDW so we won’t be there for any of this.

    • Sue Brown


      But your trip is around the corner! Exciting!

  • Need to keep it open for the holidays!

  • Confirmed!

  • Hollywood Studios of course. Your favorite park. My least!

  • Surprised they don’t have an entrance just for galaxy’s edge

  • More rooting for Hank to have to eat a map

  • Sue Brown


    I think Brett wants him to eat the map!

  • I sure hope they extend!

  • nov1st to 3rd they have wine and dine races…

  • I wish they last more…

  • It is pretty to see the sun come up do it daily

  • In December when we went the sun was coming up during early magic hours and it is a really cool thing to walk up and the sun is not 100% up.

  • Sun hits things and makes it more magical

  • I have seen some of them they are really cool

  • I have always wondered why they didn’t just do this

  • Sue Brown


    Yep…this is going to be a hit!

  • Do they give Oswald any love with the magic band upgrades?

        • But doesn’t mean they don’t or wont

  • I have been waiting for WDW to do this forever!

  • any guess on when these magic bands upgrades will begin?

  • We always get them

  • We always got new ones and brought the old ones just Incase someone lost one

  • Sue Brown


    Always get a new one! Recently I’ve started putting my name on the back AND the year as a souvenir.

    • Lucky to have a 3-letter name!

  • Magic kingdom Epcot Hollywood studios

  • We staying at the stars music in November

  • I love the refurbished rooms!

  • Dogs burger pizzas and a few other things

  • What your opinion on the Dinning plan

    • Like not worrying about good

        • It depends on how you use it but we get it every time because of the convenience and not having to pay during the trip

          • Also using it for character meals makes it a value

  • Pop Century does a decent job of making better food so they have shown they can do it at a value resort

  • I used to always get it for me worked great

  • We getting the middle dinning plan

    • That is the one we get too

  • Sue Brown


    It’s a lot of food! We always had so many snacks leftover. We don’t use it anymore.

  • Ate so much at Epcot one time doing that

  • We do at bog two credits for dinner

  • We get the standard dining plan and use the snacks as lunch

  • Sue Brown


    The podcasts are awesome!

  • Thanks Conor

  • Have great week guys hope to see you next week

  • tks, Conor!

  • Have a great week everyone

  • and have you all a great night!

  • This is brilliant for jet lagged Brits who wake up at about 3am anyway!!

  • I was at the opening day of the first Harry Potter ride at Universal at 6am…. no shortage of people, the queue went from Islands to Universal Studios …. plus jet lagged Brits will be awake at 3am anyway

      • WDW Opinion – Unofficial Walt Disney World Blog & Podcast not really but we thought we would go for the experience… didn’t go into either park, just wanted to be there to feel the excitement… it was mad!! PS enjoyed your live vlog this morning

        • Allison Forson thanks very much! Glad you liked it.

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