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Interview with Walt Disney Master of Dreamers Director – Tony Cortese – WDW Opinion Ep. 62

One of the best things about this Disney fan community that we’re all apart of is the freedom people have to showcase their passion for Disney in a variety of ways. And in a community filled with incredibly creative and talented people you know that there are going to be some incredible works to come from this passion.

Our guest, Tony Cortese, is a perfect example of what occurs when you combine your talent and creativity with your Disney passion and focus it into a project. In his case the medium he chooses to showcase his passion for Disney is film. And he is very good at it. I first discovered his work when I watched a film called The Dreamfinders. I choose to watch that film because it was all about Disney World and its incredible fan base but I continue to rewatch it because of the story he was able to capture in it.

He’s got a new film debuting this week and it is all about Walt Disney and the creation of Epcot. We’ve got a great discussion ahead and a lot to talk about.

Plus the Skyliner has an accident in its first week and the soon to be the greatest film ever made, Jungle Cruise, gets its first trailer. All that and more on this episode of the WDW Opinion Podcast.

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Walt Disney – Master of Dreamers: The Road to Epcot

Learn more about the film here and if you’ll be in Orlando on October 17 or 24 you can see it at the Orlando Film Festival. More information can be found here about its premiere at the festival.

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