Let’s Give a Review of the Old Key West Resort

Tonight we’re talking about the latest Disney World news and giving a review of the Old Key West Resort. Have you ever stayed at this resort?

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  • Good evening!

  • This tower looks epic!! I may or may not have spent my lunch break pricing trips…

  • Never stayed there but the tower looked nice in april now it looks really nice

  • Fireworks from roof will be amazing

  • Sue Brown


    The pictures of the restaurant and rooms looked amazing! Gaudi elements look especially beautiful.

  • And won’t lose the fountain inside

  • The elevator has no buttons all touch screen

  • All of them will be visable

  • What is up!!!

  • So amazing there and if outside you might see baby gator

  • I like the tower but I’ll be honest I have never spent mulch time there. Never intrigued me…until now!

  • Have stayed there loved it

  • Hello from Orla is

  • Hello fro

  • Sue Brown


    I wonder if the rooms will be the same price as the rest of the resort??

  • Hello from Orlando! Wow take 3. Happy to be back with you all.

  • That is great! Streamlines and amplifies the check in process.

  • The nostalgia freak in me doesn’t like change but Disney almost always proves me wrong

  • I loved pop I will definitely stay there again

  • Nooooo!!!!!

  • My childhood…

  • Sue Brown



  • Word we got is that it’s getting new updated sign

  • And a expanded walkway there too

  • Love watching when you come live! Thanks for all the updates!! Keeps me excited as we countdown for our 2020 trip!

  • It can be tomorrow because tomorrow never comes

  • Again the nostalgia in me hates this…

  • Thanks for the livestream and update special are is in 118 days

  • I just hope they fill the space where Stitch was…it feels so awkward when you walk in to just have dead space

  • That D23 Parks panel…be still my heart. So many things are coming and I’m not ready for it.

  • Part two from last message they come in hand

  • I’m excited but I’m scared too.

  • Lots of rumors about the stitch spot and some would be very cool

  • Maybe they should make a museum for all the old nostalgic stuff. Or is there one already?

    • I’d visit that!

  • Joshua I think there is one

  • Grab your pitch forks…they took our sign down.

  • If there is that would be neat to see. If not they should make one

  • Sue Brown


    Maybe they sold the sign to John Stamos or Neil Patrick Harris!!!!

  • That would be so cool

  • Gotta run will talk next week I hope lol have a magical night and week

  • Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on solo trips…my family thinks I’m nuts for wanting to go by myself in May

  • Have a good week bud

  • I have always wanted to do a solo trip. I just might do it

  • Sue Brown


    I was nervous about doing the podcast!! But it was fun! Hopefully people get a few good OKW tips by listening.

  • Loved episode 49 / I liked Sue Brown take on things.

    • Sue Brown


      Thanks Joe!!

  • Walt Disney family museum is in San Fransisco. Amazing and takes a while to really see it all.

  • Lost audio

  • Back now

  • Sue Brown


    See you next week! Thanks!

  • Goodnight everyone!!

  • Great job my friend !!!

  • I finally got home from work in time!!! We leave in 29 short days!

  • Hi!

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