Let’s talk about Disney World in the Summer

Join us LIVE for a Disney World discussion.

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  • Hi from Fort White, Florida. We were there Father’s Day weekend

  • We never go in the summer but I booked a few dinners at EPCOT , Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Polynesian Resort

  • Hello from Indiana! Very excited for my 2020 trip! First time for my boyfriend and first time since 2006 for me! Going for our 21st birthdays! What are your recommendations for a very nice dinner and drinks!

    • Sue Brown


      I agree about Trader Sam’s… super fun!

  • Hello from Sydney Australia.. first time at Disney world this September soooo excited

  • Jiko is my fav

  • Thank you so so much! I’m taking notes as we speak! This all sounds amazing! You’re making this even more exciting!!!

    • Sue Brown


      The planning is part of the fun!!

      • Absolutely! I’m loving every minute of it!

  • Kimberly Ingram Justice

  • Thank u also taking notes

  • Hello from Massachusetts! Can’t wait to try this place!

  • Can wait for are trip in November

    • Sue Brown


      November is a great time for WDW!

  • Sorry have to go.. I’m at work now… thank u for your recommendations

  • Just for min gotta get back lol had to get air very hot

  • Any time have a magical night

  • That week I’m working 70 hours

  • Shane same to you have magical night

  • Sue Brown


    Rope drop for Pandora was fabulous!

  • Summer only guest here. No fast passes or park plans before 3pm. Sleep in and enjoy the resort pool.

  • Thankfully we have been there enough that we don’t NEED to ride everything.

  • Late hello from Brazil! 🙂

  • I did the Disney magic ship last year

  • If you can afford them. Use things like desert parties and extra ticket events to minimize the wait times.

  • Shake it easy!!

  • Hello from Pennsylvania.

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