Let’s Talk About Disney World Reopening, Disney+ Hidden Gems and More!

We’ll discuss what the parks will be like when they open back up in July and how Disney+ can help us until we get to go back.

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  • Hello from Orlando! Hope all the Opinoneers and their families are well!

  • We getting back to normal finally

  • Sue Brown


    I won’t mind one park, kinda forces you to slow down.

  • Been to Disney springs and mask is taking some getting use to but if it’s what it takes then I’m good

  • A lot going on in Orlando. Know some people that have gone for a walk at Disney springs but growing optimism about things getting back to normal. Hope to make it out to the parks in July!

  • Sue Brown


    No shirt, no shoes, no mask… no entrance!!

  • After seeing people in Universal with the masks I am less concerned

  • Any news on water parks? And what procedures may be?

  • Sue Brown


    Wonder if you get bounced because of a temperature what happens to your ticket .

  • If you have a drink or food you don’t need mask one while eating or drinking

  • With smaller crowds don’t think it will hurt

  • What about people that need the DAS ?

  • Dinning plans canceled sucks some people count on that

  • So no reservations needed to eat at a restaurant?

    • That’s what we are hearing

  • Do we have to be a pass holder to a email invite ? I live in Florida, are they reaching out to residents first ?

  • I did the q scan for menu at a resturant once. Its nice

  • Think fireworks could still be done and may still change in next month

  • I agree 100%

  • I can’t believe they are charging the same $$$

  • Come eat at via Napoli we will love to see you

  • Sana’a is my favorite resort restaurant!

  • Are you supposed-to wear a mask the big coasters?

  • We don’t know if cast will get preview

  • Thanks for doing this video very interesting and can’t wait to see the future in regards to Disney

  • If someone mask flys off on space mt, I’ll throw up

  • Family sing along and fun and fancy free

  • Perfect time for me !

  • Once park opens won’t be but can always watch after work

  • Oh yeah to the movie club!

  • Sue Brown


    Good idea!

  • When are you going to Disney?!

  • I’m so there for next week

  • I’m going in December!

  • Connor don’t forget april 2022 for my big day

  • Sue Brown


    Going in September!

  • Congrats Shane!!!!

  • We will be there in October!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Congratulations Shane!!

  • Sue Brown


    Podcast is excellent, and I’m not just saying that because of the whole mom thing!!

  • Have not yet but sounds like an educational video must watch

  • Welcome back and as always ty

  • Stay healthy and see you next Sunday

  • Hi from boston mass

  • Joe from Pennsylvania

  • Hi Conor I miss seeing you

  • I am coming from Minnesota

  • That seems okay

  • Are they going to put 6 foot distance markers in the ride lines

  • I think July 11th is a great date.Disney has always been my favorite theme park

  • Hi Neil from Birmingham England

  • Question. We normally visit WDW in March annually. Thinking about visiting November 21.

  • We are from England. . Is this safe for visiting weather wise???

  • Masks are a necessity at the moment

  • question. Hoping to visit November 2021. Travelling from England. We normally visit in March. Is the weather ok for November?

  • Sim Goss



  • Sim Goss



  • Sim Goss


    Good day

  • Sim Goss


    Disney +

  • Sim Goss


    July 15

  • Sim Goss


    Disney +on March 24th in the UK

  • Sim Goss


    Day in the life of DisneyWorld

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