Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Has Been Delayed!

We’ll discuss this and other Disney news stories on today’s livestream.

31 Comments on “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Has Been Delayed!”

  • Sue Brown


    Hey from Maryland!

  • Sue Brown


    That’s a bummer.

  • I am upset too.
    I was looking forward to ride this ride in November (my next Disney trip)…

    • Sue Brown


      Me too, but we will be there in October. Time to plan a spring trip!

      • Sue Brown right? And it is always good to have excuses to go back!

  • Funny that both trackless rides having delays

  • Who needs an excuse lol

  • do you think they are having this kind of reservations for Star Wars Galaxys Edge in Orlando as well?

  • Let it be know that I am watching and your so called friend and co-host is not

  • Sue Brown


    By doing this they’re also building up more hype.

  • Only four hour a reservation

  • It’s amazing lots of food great cast members

  • Sue Brown


    Been there a few times, love the fried green tomatoes!

  • Hey Connor!

  • Need to visit Homecomin!

  • Not yet but I will as soon as I can!

  • The amount of big names attached to restaurants in Springs is a big attractor!

  • Ok now I’m hungry! And I just ate dinner…

  • Can’t drive after moonshine cake

  • Sue Brown


    Last time we bar hopped went to Jock Lindsey, Raglan Rd and Homecoming’ and it was awesome!!

  • Quick service options at Springs we’re sparse in the past. That has changed and ultimately changed the perception of the area.

  • I love Earl but more choices were needed. Chicken Guy has stolen a lot of my attention from Earl.

  • In my listen queue for this week!

  • Happiest place on earth

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