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The Pros and Cons Of Screen Based Attractions – WDW Opinion Ep. 63

Back in the day when you entered a theme park the only place you’d see screens would be for a 3-d movie or a pre-show film before you boarded an attraction. Screens weren’t really intended for the theme parks, leave those to the movie theaters.

But as the years past more and more screens started to make their way into the parks. For good or bad screens are now an integral part of the today’s theme park experience. And they’re something creative teams turn to in order to enhance the park experience.

Screens have come a long way in recent years and in this episode we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of screens and how they’ll impact the parks in years to come.

Plus there’s a change up coming to Marvel’s leadership and we go on a rant because Disney has changed the names of the food offerings at Docking Bay 7 in Galaxy’s Edge All that and more on this episode of the WDW Opinion Podcast.

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