How to Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train With Little to No Wait

Now I know what you’re thinking. This has to be clickbait right? Oh contraire my fellow Disney fanatic! It is more than possible to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with little to no wait. While it may currently be the busiest attraction at the busiest theme park in the world, this is still a big possibility.

Some of these might seem like no brainers but they are important to remember. And others might cost extra, yet they are still an option to consider. But as a former Cast Member who worked on the Mine Train I have a few secrets to help you out.

Get a Fastpass+

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I know this one seems more than obvious but if this is the attraction you have to go on then that should be your number 1 Fastpass+ priority. I’m talking waking up at 6:45am ET two months (if you’re staying on property) out from your trip and booking it as the clock strikes 7am ET. This is the best way to guarantee you will ride it and the time you wait in line won’t take a huge chunk of your day.

Book an Add On Event

Disney is definitely not a cheap vacation but add-on events are a great way to maximize your time during your trip while guaranteeing you get to ride top-tier attractions with little to no wait. For Magic Kingdom Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Very Merry Christmas Party are two great options to visit the parks with reduced crowds. There will still be waits but not compared to peak hours during the day. A newer event that is especially beneficial for those trying to ride the Mine Train is Early Morning Magic. This add-on to your normal park admission will run you $69 per adult and $59 per child. With it you get breakfast and access to certain Fantasyland attractions, including Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, before the park opens to regular admission guests. If you’re an early riser who’s willing to spend a little extra this might be a great option for you. Just be sure event dates take place during your trip.

Get there Early and Utilize Rope Drop

Early Morning in the Magic Kingdom
Morning in the Magic Kingdom is an awesome time to experience.

Participating in the running of the guests Rope Drop is a highly underrated way to ride some of the most popular attractions. You’ll have plenty of fellow guests doing the same exact thing as you but if you time it right then you should have little wait when the ride opens. And after most of the park will remain less crowded for an hour or so. Additionally if available you can try and book an early Be Our Guest reservation before the park opens. Breakfast guests can usually ride before park opens if the ride has gone through it’s opening procedures without any delays. If you do want to take advantage of rope drop I’d recommend getting to the park an hour or 45 minutes before official park opening for the day.

Wait Until the Very Very End of the Night

And here’s the secret tip I learned working as a Cast Member. Wait until the end of the night and I mean the very very end. If the park closes at 10pm then get in line at 9:59pm. Now as a disclaimer the later the park is open the better this works. If it’s a day when the park is open until midnight or 1am then lines might be shorter than a 9pm night. But either way this trick works! I used to close the ride down most nights and before we could go through closing procedures the queue had to be empty. I can only remember a few times where there were still people in line 30 minutes after park close. Most head well before the official park closing which gives you the benefit of an empty park. Use that to your advantage and ride within minutes! What better way to end a day than that?

There are a few options for just about everyone. From the early risers to the night owls, those willing to pay a little more and those looking to plan their Fastpass+ around the Mine Train, riding this attraction with little to no wait is possible. These are not guarantees but they are your best bet to try and ride with minimal wait time. But if you end up not following these tips and walk past the attraction with a 120 minute wait please, please, please do not let it ruin your trip. Whenever I hear someone say their trip is ruined because they can’t ride any one particular attraction I cringe. A whole trip shouldn’t be based on one attraction and your memories will be defined by what you did do not what you didn’t.

So good luck! And if you have any other tactics you use to ride long wait attractions let us know!


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