So Many Changes Coming to Epcot!

Let’s discuss all the closings that will be impacting Future World in Epcot. What are you most sad to see go?

10 Comments on “So Many Changes Coming to Epcot!”

  • Woo hey everyone happy Tuesday

  • Club cool is awesome

  • Excited to see the American pavilion get a great upgrade

  • Gary sinese would be great. The stuff he does for veterans like myself is amazing. I would absolutely hard pass on whoopi

  • See I never knew he was into Disney that’s great . I like the guy even more now haha

  • I have not listened to the episode.

  • Havent listened to it yet will be tomrrow

  • Sue Brown


    I would miss Club Cool!

  • Sue Brown


    I like the option of the dining packages that include lunch or breakfast!

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