Splash Mountain is going away, Disney Park Pass system is implemented, Disney+ Movie Club and more!

Join us tonight at 7 p.m. as we have a WHOLE LOT to talk about when it comes to Walt Disney World news.

45 Comments on “Splash Mountain is going away, Disney Park Pass system is implemented, Disney+ Movie Club and more!”

  • Sue Brown


    from Maryland!

  • Hey Conor!

  • Hello from Rockville MD

  • Not sure how I feel about splash mnt

  • Sue Brown


    I’m sure it will be amazing, but it’s hard to say goodbye to one of my favorite rides.

  • SO EXCITED!!!!!

  • Im torn. I love seeing the movie getting its own ride but the current theming is great and a classic as it is

  • My mind is just thinking of how Mickey and Minnie’s railway replaced the great movie ride and it was successful, hopefully it could be the same turn out

  • I agree with Sue. I’ll Need to watch princess and the frog again!

    • Sue Brown


      Me too!

  • Let me guess our movie this week lol

  • Was there any word on when this process will start?

  • As everything we will give it a chance

  • Sue Brown


    They usually shut it down every year for maintenance right? So maybe they’ll wait until then.

  • I can make reservations on the 28th

  • Sue Brown


    It was an easy process for me cause you did it all!!

  • We can only have one day at a time unless staying on site

  • Would only need two days anyways

  • Love the Muppets…

  • Sue Brown


    My favorite parts of Mary Poppins are all the parts that aren’t animated!

  • Dick van dyke was amazing in it and shows so much emotion in it

  • Always liked Dick Van Dyke

  • Mary Poppins is a classic!

  • Was so thrilled with Mary poppins returns

  • Sue Brown


    Mary Poppins on Broadway was amazing!! MP Returns was not good!

  • The bird lady was one of my favs

  • Woah hot take!

  • Been to seaworld twice it’s not too bad

  • Been to Disney springs many times loving it for sure

  • Sue Brown


    Great interview with Vincent!

  • One day we should all get together at the parks

  • Sue Brown


    Bye everyone!

  • Have great week ty again

  • Thanks Conor! Hope you and the opinioneers have a great week

  • I just got through on the phone lines with WDW… thank you for keeping me entertained!

  • Sorry I tuned in so late, great to see you again! Lee up the great work!

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