Top Five Ambient Music In Walt Disney World

Disney World is a sensory experience. Anytime you enter a Disney Park all your senses come into play. You certainly see it, but you also can feel it, smell it, taste it and hear it. While all of these sense are great to experience I think the one that can instantly transport you back to a park, no matter where you are in the world, is the sense of hearing. Thanks to YouTube and music streaming we can experience the ambient background music of our favorite lands and attractions no matter where we are. So here is my list of top five ambient music in Walt Disney World.

EPCOT Main Entrance

Ambient music can play a huge role in theming. Since Disney is the very best at creating theme parks you better believe that the music throughout their parks is just as incredible as the attractions themselves. I love the EPCOT entrance music because of how well it sets the tone. EPCOT was Walt’s vision of the future and while the EPCOT we know today is very different than Walt’s vision, the underlying purpose is still very similar. The future is bright if we all work together. That feeling is perfectly portrayed in the music. It will always put a smile on my face and it perfectly combines a bold bright future with a sense of optimism. If you don’t think optimism can be displayed in music, take a listen below and let me know what you think.

Main Street USA

Welcome one and all! Are you ready to have a great day?

That’s what I think whenever I listen to music on Main Street USA. It’s happy, it’s upbeat and it’ll put a smile on your face. Exactly what the Magic Kingdom is all about. It’s hard not to walk down Main Street and get a feeling that you almost own the place. Even with thousands of your closest friends all around you, it feels like it’s all yours. The music definitely helps in that regard. Main Street USA is your first stop on your way to a great day. Take a listen and get transported to the most magical place on earth.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Now Animal Kingdom Lodge might be my favorite hotel on all of Disney Property. You truly feel like you’ve been transported to Africa. There are Giraffes outside your window for crying out loud! But the resort background music I think only helps to enhance the theme. It’s calming in nature but, every once and awhile you will hear some tribal drums that remind you of where you are. The grand lobby feels cozier because of it and it’s a great place to relax after a day at the parks.

Pirates of the Caribbean Queue

One of the most beloved attractions Disney has ever created has some equally beloved music to go along with it. At points the background music is mysterious, sometimes foretelling of an adventure you’re about to go on and if you’ve ridden it before you might recognize some of the tunes (just in a new style). This background music is great because it plays the role of a background track perfectly. It’s not in your face, not incredibly bold but it helps to keep the story going before you board your boat.


Now I might get a little flack for this because it technically also is the theme song of the ride (hmmm top five attraction theme songs…that sounds like a good blog idea ;)). But, of all the theme songs this does a great job of adding to the story rather than becoming the story. On Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Carousel of Progress you’re signing right along with the theme song but with Soarin’ the music winds you through the story and guides you on the journey. Setting the tone while you soar. Plus you can hear this in the exit queue, which is great because I can’t get enough of it! Seriously, it might be my favorite song/music in all of Walt Disney World.

So what’s your favorite ambient music is Walt Disney World? What’s great about the internet is that we can always experience these songs. Whether you’re running, cleaning, commuting or working just pop in some ear buds and transport yourself to Disney. Heck I’m doing it writing this blog right now!

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