Walt Disney World’s Theme Park Reservation System – What You Need to Know

Walt Disney World has announced important details about their theme park reservation system. A reservation will be required to enter a theme park. Join us as we share our thoughts on this important news.

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  • That’ll be great for keeping track of crowds

  • So do resort visitors get first over pass holders

  • Cast members are last group

  • It works we need the people to let us work

  • So question with the new system, can I go to the MK in the morning then leave for a few hours (child is now tired) and the return in the evening? If a group of people leave (say 5) does that mean 5 new people can come in?

  • Michelle Mccasland-Walker

  • Are they going to be doing the Disney dining plan or has anything changed with the Disney dining plan?

    • Disney has actually cancelled all dining plans for the remainder of the year. If you had a trip booked with a dining plan you were able to get a refund on that aspect. So I don’t think we are going to see dining plans return for awhile.

      • WDW Opinion – Unofficial Walt Disney World Blog & Podcast thank you for answering my question. We will be booking for next year so we are hoping it will change because we truly enjoy ALL of the amenities that Disney offers !

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