What are you looking forward to the most this Summer at Disney World?

We’re going over the latest Disney World news and sharing our thoughts on the most exciting things to experience this Summer in Walt Disney World.

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  • How’s it going Shane

  • Not too bad busy but not bad

  • Hello from Orlando!!

  • Sue Brown


    Hi everyone from Maryland!

  • Congrats Donny

  • Got to meet Tom Hanks and Tim allen

  • They were so nice and so much fun

  • thanks Sue Brown and Brett Rotelli!

  • Shane, I am jealous

  • The patrol put my wife in timeout for not following directions in Sarge says

  • Sue Brown


    Conor I’m gonna make you face your fears and get a picture with BoPeep!!

  • I was happy with the ending but after hearing interviews with the cast I am becoming excited

  • Happy Tuesday peeps

  • Going in July! Looking forward to the Lion King premiere at Disney Springs

  • It’s so cool to see you will love both of them

  • I forgot about the new tree of life shows, I think they are so underrated

  • Sue Brown


    Looking forward to trying out “rope drop” for the first time!

  • That was an awesome show

  • I love to rope drop and take a nap at lunch

  • Rope drop is great. Best way to start the day!

  • Have too run hope to be back next week

  • We always try to get a dining reservation before the park opens and then you are already in the park when they are opening

  • Illuminations was the first show my daughter and son saw at Disney so I am sad to see it leave but I am excited to see what comes next

  • The parade is fantastic! Hot track!

  • Sue Brown


    I’m looking forward to seeing Kevin!! LOL!

  • I hope they create a reservation like was done at Disneyland

  • Popping in to say hi from magic kingdom! I will watch your reply later. Keep the content coming Conor!

  • There are also rumors that they might have a reservation to build the lightsabers because of how few people can do it at one time.

  • Not in the Magic Kingdom… in Maryland listening to your current podcast/ I love all of the tiny details that the two of you were talking about like the Grease.

    • Sue Brown


      Hopefully you’ll be planning a trip to MK soon!!

  • Thanks for another WDW Update Conor! See you next time.

  • Have a great night

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