What do you love about Hollywood Studios?

In honor of its 30th anniversary let’s share what we love about this park.

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  • Hello from Boston,MA!!

  • Of course!! Go Bruins!!

  • So exciting!! That sounds amazing! Love hidden characters!!

  • Go Bruins NH here

  • Tower of Terror is the best ride on Disney property!

  • I so agree there should be another attraction in Toy Story Land

  • I couldn’t get a fastpass for slinky but it looked fun

  • Slinky Dog Dash is awesome! Hope to make it out to Hollywood Studios sometime soon.

  • Would love to come to “ Toy Story “something…Mr.A

    • Note: Someday

  • Makes me want a Mickey shaped something! Lol

  • Always tastes better!!

  • Classic! Interactions on the streets, brings you back in time!

  • Sue Brown


    As a family we always ended our trips with Hollywood!

  • I agree with you… HS has a great look. It just feels different. My favorite

  • Sue Brown


    Love the Citizens of Hollywood. Also love the Tune In Lounge!

  • Couldnt have said it better myself Conor. Our favorite movies are coming to life! Can’t wait for Galaxy’s Edge.

  • I wish so many more people knew about the WDW opinion. I am loving the content!

  • Sue Brown


    It kinda drives me crazy when you’re waiting in line and so many people have their nose in their phone.

  • You give such great advice… love the podcast and Tuesday Live…Thanks for the app suggestions.

    • Thanks Joseph!

  • Love having the Livestream on while cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

  • heyyy!!!!

  • Keep it up !!!

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