What the Heck is Going On With MuppetVision 3D?

Tonight at 7 p.m. ET we are going LIVE right here on Facebook! We’ll discuss the latest Disney World news including changes at MuppetVision. When you join us live tell us, would you be sad to see MuppetVision go away?

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  • Hi Austin!

    • Hi Jeff! Welcome to the show!

  • Thanks for having me.

  • Don’t ask for the ketchup!

  • Hi from the U.K. just got back Sunday from Disney

  • September. And it was fabulous

  • I mean Disney. We had a great time. Holiday blues already but looking forward to the Stars Wars opening as we will be there for the wedding September 7

  • Thanks for the mention Austin

  • Hi Erin!

  • I agree there Austin. We love the muppets 3D

  • Sorry Jeff I got your name wrong

  • Is it true there will be no fast passes ?

  • For Star Wars Galaxy Edge

  • It will be huge

  • Wow

  • Joanne, you’ve got great insight! Hope you listen to the pod as well!

  • Thankyou I’ve been to Disney many times

  • Thanks Henri I got your name wrong again apologies

  • Hi! So happy to be an Opinioneer

  • Hey. How do you doing!?

  • Hi! So excited and happy to contribute!

  • Happy to be an Opinioneer! So proud of what you have accomplished so far and excited for what’s to come!

  • Newly learned about this, can I join in as well?

    • Hell yeah Tyler! You should listen to the pod sometime. I promise we don’t talk about anything RA related.

  • I think I’ll have alook

  • Definitely

  • Henry Molski and Conor Brown got the latest podcast keyed up for tomorrow!

  • Thanks for another WDW update! Excited for what’s to come.

  • I just saw Muppet Vision this past weekend….loved it as usual

  • I finally got your name. Hi Conor, really enjoyed your live feed

      • WDW Opinion – Unofficial Walt Disney World Blog & Podcast thanks. We are regular visitors and definitely seen lots of changes over the years but all for the good. We are DVC members and have an annual pass lol now I know you are live on Tuesday evenings I’ll look forward to listening and commenting

  • Sue Brown


    Another great episode! Fingers crossed that they don’t get rid of Muppets.

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