What the Reopened Walt Disney World Theme Parks Look Like

In this week’s WDW Opinion Live show you’ll discover what the reopened theme parks of Walt Disney World look like and you’ll learn about some of the cool experiences Disney is creating for guests who are going back to the parks in this post-quarantine world. Then during the Disney+ Movie Club we will be discussing “The Rocketeer” and I’ll share with you some references you can find in the parks of this overlooked movie. Hope you can join us tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET right here!

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  • One of the greatest live action Disney movies ever…… only just behind the country bears film…..

      • Do it!….. oh ….. wait….. what about certain members of the community (who shall remain nameless) who haven’t even bothered to attend the show, let alone watch the film….. cough Molski cough

  • Hi Conor I knew I would make it I set a reminder on my phone

    • Hi Shane how are you

  • Good very got into mk so happy person

  • Is there a bad Disney vacation

  • Hey everyone!

  • I am currently watching Monster’s Inc on Disney Plus

  • It was amazing at the kingdom on Saturday

  • Sue Brown


    Hi from Maryland everyone!

    • Happy B-Day Mrs. B

  • Happy Birthday Sue °o°

  • Happy birthday Sue!!!

  • Happy Birthday!!!

  • They aren’t bad everyone can see from the video from saturday

    • You see any of the new pressed penny machines lol

  • Sue Brown


    I liked what they told themselves before entering, mask related.

  • With all the changes Disney has made to ensure cleanliness, I feel safer going there than my local supermarket. I know not everyone feels the same, but Disney has always been my OCD level of clean

    • That is so so true they did great job cleaning all day

  • It is true that I heard correctly that you can have your mask off on water rides like Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain

    • No you can’t not on splash anyways

  • Wow good to know

  • It was different because you can get around no problem with the amount of people being low

  • It didn’t hurt the magic at all I still teared up when I got there

    • I already told my boyfriend that I’ll be crying every 5 minutes on our December trip

  • Has it reached the minimum capacity? The videos and pics look like it’s empty

    • It’s Disney in January of the 1990s empty lol

  • It so different looking at pictures of Disney when the virus is going around.

  • It’s awesome that there’s so much space and that people are enjoying low wait times. But at the same time, it’s kind of weird not to see so many people on Main Street USA.

  • Hollywood has but not the other three parks

  • Sue Brown


    Loved seeing Pooh chasing butterflies in EPCOT!!

  • Saturday the longest wait was 20 minutes

  • I once viewed a picture of a empty line for Space Mountain since that ride is usually a 40 minute wait time and I have never rode that ride but would he willing to try it.

  • Sue Brown


    I hope the characters roaming stays!!!

  • If the AP limit increased, where did they pull from? Because the email said that the max capacity stayed the same…

  • The fiancé is saying here being a local pass holder it’s easier to get dates

  • Because don’t have to be as picky

  • I think it’s nice Disney is being super cool for sharing the recipes to famous food at the parks like the Dole Whip

  • Not my favorite Disney movie

    • I liked it

      • I just never have not sure why just never have

  • Please go on imdb and watch the 30 second trailer. Thank me later.

  • What was that he was weirdest

  • The effects sometimes… So cringy

  • Disney has ups and downs but still a best studio company

  • Sue Brown


    Anything in Tomorrow Land?

  • Speaking of Disney Plus I am watching Monster’s Inc

  • Ah thought for sure you were going to say the Disney classic, ‘Contagion!’

  • I can’t remember last time I watched

  • Sue Brown


    Yay! Much rather watch Cinderella!!

  • I am fine with Cinderella

  • I’m back at work on Monday but will be here thursday

  • I never got your book never came in

  • Will have to reorder it

  • I’m sad I have to miss next week. I have your show on my calendar even though I just started.

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    See everyone next week! Thanks for the b-day wishes!!

  • Thank you for doing this

  • Thanks for another great live stream. Happy Birthday Mrs. Brown!! See you all next week!

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  • And thank you for letting me be a big part last Saturday

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      Enjoyed your videos!

  • Keep ‘me coming Conor!

  • ‘Em

  • Not me.

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    Face masks are Aloud

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    Paris opennd on Wednesday

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    Happy birthday to your mother yesterday

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