What Was Galaxy’s Edge First Week Like?

Let’s discuss on this week’s edition of the livestream!

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  • Hello from Maryland… Mr.A

  • hello from Brazil!

  • Sue Brown


    Hi Conor from Maryland!

  • Sue Brown


    I do love a good fireworks show!

  • me too, Sue!

  • by the way, do you miss Wishes?are you #TeamWishes or #TeamHEA? 🙂

  • Sue Brown


    I just can’t imagine everyone who goes to the Halloween parties in costumes not being miserably HOT!

      • Sue Brown



        • So true!

  • I was just writing about the reservation system!
    it seems to be working pretty fine!

  • Sounds like a good idea

  • Sue Brown


    How long is that ride?

  • I have higher expectations for the other ride…

  • Do we know yet if we will have some cool things to experience as we wait in line for rides (a la flight of passage?)

  • Nice! Cant wait to see what the gift shop will be like after the ride.

  • As I said, I LOVED it! It was great to get to know you better!!

  • I’ll have to check it out

  • Sue Brown


    The interview was REALLY good!! Congrats!

  • depending on how many times a year you go, an anual pass is a great way to save money as well!

  • it seems very expensive at first sight, but it gives a lot os discounts…

  • I worked a 2nd job part time at night at a ski area running the lifts. I took all that money I made and went on vacation . I’ll be doing the same this year.

  • I will have to check it out…I could add to your backstory – you still owe some math assignments … Seriously, You are doing a great job … Proud of you

  • Good to see you going strong brother!!

  • Yes.

  • Have a good night

  • thanks again for sharing your knowledge, Conor!

  • Thanks for another WDW Update! See you next time.

  • Take it easy!!!

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