What’s your favorite season to visit Disney World?

We’re going over the latest Disney World news and sharing our thoughts on the best season to visit Disney World!

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  • Woo finally made it to a live one!

  • Hello from West Virginia

  • Hi Richard how’s the north doing

  • Hi from Ontario Canada

  • NH Here and cold as well

  • Missing home I’m from nh but Orlando now

  • Hi From the U.K.

  • Sue Brown


    Hey from Maryland!!

  • We got to try some of this stuff the other night it is all very good

  • The ribs sound good

  • Thanks.

  • Hello from Wyoming

  • Jena Meader

  • We have only gone to Disney world, went to Disney land in 1990 while I was in the Marines

  • They have non alcoholic ones too right ? Called like mocktails? I quit drinking years ago but i know when i was in the parks i has a few of those non alcoholic ones and they were great.

  • Had* auto correct wins this round

  • Mark Fichter

  • I’ll be there during the opening because I start my Disney college program August 19th

  • Sue Brown


    Is this place going to be tiny/big?

  • We took are marine to Disney Land last summer in July first time at Disney Land

  • Sounds great

  • Yeah I noticed they really catered to everyone .

  • We will be there in September and for the extra extra magic hours so hoping to get into Galaxy’s Edge to experience everything

  • Those water drawings are so cool .

  • I think we will be able to get there for 6am as we will be still on U.K. time. We’ll be up very early

  • Thank you so much! I’ll definitely keep you posted!

  • Do you go to Disney World?

  • Lol thanks

  • I was tempted to put in for an HVAC job they had open down there but ended up taking a job up here. Maybe down the road I’ll apply

  • Cleaning bathrooms would suck lol

  • I’m locked in at bog for one year

  • Yeah bathrooms would stink literally haha. hey Shane where in nh are you from? Manchester here

  • I moved from Plymouth in February

  • Nice. Plymouth is a great area.

  • I loved it but got the chance to be a cast member

  • I always went in April weather was always great

  • September/October the weather is great and not so busy

  • Why are tickets so expensive? Can not afford it.

  • I went in April last time and I would 100% do it again barley any crowds. I went in between the school vacations. When I went all the other times it was during February vacation so it was packed.

  • Love bugs are killing me no one warned me about them lol

  • Sue Brown


    All seasons except summer!! However, heading down this summer anyway!! Hoping this summer’s crowds are lighter.

  • We were there in March and we will be there again in June.

  • We purchase annual passes. Very good value and you save quite a bit of money

  • We visit 3 times in a 12 month period. We definitely get our moneys worth

  • I wish I could visit 3 times in a year that would be glorious.

  • We’re very lucky Joshua. We love Disney

  • Well that is great. I hope Its just as special each time you go.

  • It is indeed Joshua

  • If I had to guess if they were to do any new type of land . It would be something from the comic books side of things.

  • That place smelled so good

  • I’m a pork fan so any and all of the pork

  • The southern pig is the best

  • And tomato watermelon salad

  • Sue Brown


    Super easy to review on iTunes especially if you have an iPhone.

  • Have a good night everyone !

  • Sim Goss


    Evening coner start time 7PM GMT

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